What Online Dating Taught Me About Myself

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It’s hard to believe how many single people have not given online dating a whirl yet.  The world we live in has many hidden dangers, so it is of course important to practice safety first in any situation, but do you think you really know any more about the guy/girl you meet in Starbucks, or at the dog park, than you know about the person you meet online, other than perhaps their true height?  The answer is no, so why not give it shot and learn some pretty, fascinating things about yourself in the process.

I Learned What I Found Most Attractive in People

Going on dates for the sake of meeting your Mister or Mrs. Right is the goal, right? It can be, but there’s also something to be said for simply meeting new people. During the process of meeting new people, you will see different things in them that you will find majorly attractive, and other things not so much…but we’re focusing on the positives right now. You may not have had an opportunity to date people who were goal oriented, or people who were passionate about a specific cause, or even someone who was just excited about life and living it. These types of passions I found myself charmed by, and to know that there were people out there who were so “alive” was extremely appealing. Often, we get stuck in our social circles and our routine travels so we usually meet a “certain” type of person who lines right up with what we’re used to…so how’s that been working for you? Exactly! Break out of that box, and try something, or in this case, someone different.

I Rediscovered a Childhood Love

You work hard, you strive to meet your goals, and you take care of the kids (if you have them of course).  Sometimes going out with someone who does what you used to have a love for, is the perfect way to reignite that interest, plus you get some great company along with it.  As a kid, I used to carry around a loose-leaf notebook that I was using to write a book. I had completely forgotten all about that until I crossed paths with a writer.  I was so busy “adulting” that I forgot about things that I loved to do. Here I am today a magazine contributor and blogging, what I LOVE, all because of that connection! You never know what you will tap into that has been at rest within you, so explore, and you may even get a romance out of it. Who knows, but why not?

New Experiences

Don’t knock it ’til you try it they say. Well, this time they are completely right! Hiking, tailgating, bocce ball…all things I had never tried, but love doing now…. why? Because, I took a chance and met up with people who were into things that were out of my box.  You must look at the online dating experience as not only an opportunity to meet someone and possibly have a great connection, but also as an opportunity to live! I mean truly live. Trying new foods, visiting new places, there’s so much out there and we’ve barely scratched the surface. It’s the perfect way to see what you like and don’t like, and if you don’t like something…guess what? It’s okay, you don’t have to do it, or the date again. See, that was easy!

No Harm No Foul

Now that I’ve given you a bit of a different take on online dating, what are you waiting for? Create that profile, upload those pics and get ready to live a little. Finding a love connection out of all of this will just be the cherry on top! Be safe and have fun! 😉

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