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3 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Style Rules to Live By

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen many changes to bridesmaid styles.

In the past, before things started changing for the better for bridesmaids, they typically all wore the same exact dress. Thankfully, this trend has started to change in recent years and now it’s easier than ever to find bridesmaid dresses.

It’s interesting, because brides now really look forward to seeing their bridesmaids mix things up by having dresses that incorporate different colors, fabrics, and styles. By changing their attitude toward these dresses, brides have made it very fun and interesting for themselves, their bridesmaids and everyone else.

Here’s the thing…

Brides and bridesmaids alike are going to face new challenges now that the mismatched look is in. If this isn’t handled correctly, the bridal party could, unfortunately, end up looking very disjointed.  So, to help everyone look fantastic while embracing the mismatched style, please use these tips so the wedding party looks consistent on your big day.


Keep the Dress Length the Same for Everyone

At this point, everybody has seen wedding photos on social media where all the bride’s ladies pose lavishly next to the colourful candy buffet in the wedding party and are wearing a variety of different dress styles. Some of these photos look fantastic. Others, not so much. I’ve noticed one major difference between the photos that look phenomenal and the ones that look terrible.

Do you have any idea what it might be? You guessed right! It’s the hem lengths.

Surprisingly or not so surprisingly enough, when the hem lengths are all mismatched and mixed up; it’s very difficult to create a consistent, unified look among members of the wedding party.

So, if you really want to pull off the mismatched style, I highly recommend keeping hem lengths the same for everyone.


Only Two Features Should Be Varied

I like to tell those that ask my advice to only vary two things at most. This is a fantastic way to let the bridesmaid dresses look different while keeping the majority of them the same.

As an example, two variations could be different colors and necklines, and make sure the colors are decided ahead of time-based on a specific color pattern.

Or, to mix things up a different way, all of the bridesmaid dresses should be the same color, but they can have different necklines and different fabrics (brocade, cotton, ladies, chiffon, etc.)

Why only allow two different style varieties?

By keeping it simple and picking two different style varieties and sticking to them, you make it possible for everyone to look uniform even with the differences. And this will certainly prevent serious confusion.


Picking Different Shades of Color

For bridesmaid dresses, choosing different color dresses is a popular theme at the moment.

Unfortunately, it’s occasionally difficult to pick colors that actually go good together since designers only offer limited color options.

Another thing to keep in mind is the small color swatches. After these dresses are fully made up in a gown, the colors often look much different than they looked on the card.

But it’s certainly possible to pick different shades of color that match.

A simple way to choose is to use visualization to determine how they’ll look together. Always check full-sized samples in the light of day. And while you’re doing that, take time to switch out different color options until you find a combination that you’re happy with.

If you’re worried about conflicts among the wedding party, take the time to preselect the intended color for each bridesmaid to wear.



Take a moment to read over these rules and use them to help select bridesmaid dresses. When all’s said and done, they will make the process much easier and smoother for everyone involved.



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