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Dancers, Listen Up: Here Is The Way to Finding The Perfect Balance

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The lessons we learn in life and what we do with that knowledge project us into the world we create for ourselves.

Ask any professional ballet dancer and they will tell you that their core values run through every aspect of their lives. These values dictate our success or failure.

This is a concept we consider the balance of existence. We will look deeper into these basic principals and perhaps you will agree, they are worth incorporating into your world.

Discipline is your friend

The very word discipline brings us uncomfortable feelings.

But discipline is not an enemy. In order to perfect the performance of ballet, the artist must control every movement, every muscle, and every ounce of their bodies. They become aware of everything around them and adjust to make their environment work for them. They are acutely aware of the music, floor, air temperature, and props. They are in an intense relationship with the audience.

The discipline they exercise is the tool and power they use to set their creativity free and allows them to reach the peaks of their artistic mountains.

This discipline is evident in every part of their lives. They incorporate it into the way they live, eat, rest, and pay their bills. They incorporate it into the way they run their own businesses. Whether they are selecting costumes for dance recitals or training for the performance of their career, they are in control and disciplined.


The ability to focus is quickly fading in our modern society. We are a community of multitaskers who juggle a dozen things at one time. We pride ourselves on our ability to send emails and messages from our smartphones while waiting in traffic to get to our next big meeting. We are continually plugged in. We cannot function without out tablets, computers, cell phones, and social media.

The problem is, there is no such thing as a multitasker. The human brain cannot do two (or 12) things at one time. When you stop this action to send a quick note, respond to an email, add a date to your agenda, you are taking your focus away from the task at hand.

Focus is critical for the professional dancer and is becoming more and more sought after in the workplace. Smart drugs (nootropics that enhance our brain power) are flying off the shelves.  Parents are rejecting the idea of giving harsh prescriptions to their children and reverting back to the old fashion value of teaching our children self-control, focus, and balance.

Time management that you control

We all hear about time management. In the early phases of time management, our employers or instructors tell us what to do and when to do it, to accomplish what we are working toward. But, that is your stepping stone. True time management is when you have perfected the art of managing your time in a way that it allows for everything you need. For example, you can use a time keeping tool like Clockspot to manage your time to help you out.

This is where discipline and focus come into play. You focus on your work and you give it 100%. You discipline yourself to prioritize. When your body tells you it needs rest, fuel, and restoration, you manage those needed things into your schedule. You control your time and you use the skills you have learned through your training to ensure all the important bases are covered. Health is always at the top of the list. Rest is not a luxury, it is a requirement.

Parents who work toward mastering these skills and teaching them to their children are guaranteed to be successful. Children who grow up with these values will incorporate them into their lives and will have fuller and more meaningful relationships. If you doubt these things can be done, watch a master of the ballet. You will see it in action, right before your eyes.




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