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Give Your Kitchen Stylish Scandinavian Look

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People of the Far North have always known how to make it through with limited resources. That austerity and resourcefulness gave birth to a unique home interior design that we now call Scandinavian style. It fuses minimalism with functionality resulting in sleek, laid-back approach that uses natural materials but is also fun and trendy. Now you too can rid your home of clutter and have an unbelievably stylish kitchen.

Ideal for small kitchens

Good news for those with small kitchens that seem impossible to decorate without sacrificing a lot of space – the answer is here. Unlike many other interior designs, Scandinavian look takes advantage of confined spaces and works beautifully in both utility kitchenettes and grand, apartment-sized kitchens from catalogues. With minimalism and organization as the key words of the style, there shouldn’t be any problems with wall-mounted cabinets, sleek floating shelves and ergonomically shaped worktops that maximize the useful surface. With stormy grey texture, the latest single electric ovens are perfect for small Scandinavian settings.

Textures found in nature

At first glance, Scandinavian style might seem bleak and unimaginative. However, surfaces in many Nordic-influenced homes are covered with natural materials that add comfort to the whole house. A stylish hand-woven rug on a hardwood floor can act as an accent piece, while faux fur or tasseled cushions will add warmth to dining chairs. An indestructible black granite counter top is more than just a statement, and gold and brass kitchenware make a beautiful contrast. 

Authentic furniture

Scandinavian furniture has almost proverbial quality and durability. This aside, every item is an example of skillful craftsmanship and artistic approach. Therefore, having different varieties of furniture will bring fun and liveliness into the room. The smooth curves and sleek lines of IKEA products have become synonymous with Scandinavian furniture, but there are also many other brands that stand behind similarly smart designs. Make a trip to the nearest homeware depot and see what pieces can help you completely transform your køkken

White as snow

For people whose polar nights last for months, light colors are important since they introduce calm and bright atmosphere. Light color beech floorboards will make you feel more at home than the dark variety, while using too many rugs might constrict the room instead of making it look fresh and spacious. Another benefit of the all-white look is that it allows matching small accessories to the entire kitchen. Bigger pieces can be completely white, but they can also show hints of beige or grey for some additional character.

Crockery on display

As a dashing contrast to their often modernistic designs, Scandinavians like to show off their vintage crockery with traditional motifs. The message is clear – we can become modern and ultra-modern, but we won’t forget who we are. Vintage plates, teapots and cups, especially the ones decorated with symmetrical motifs can upgrade any Scandi kitchen. The best way to display them is on simple open shelves, leaving the countertop and cabinets free of clutter. Putting crockery on the walls is a great way to make your kitchen more vibrant and interesting while still keeping it simple. 

Lights for polar nights

Since we know that some Scandinavian regions have polar nights lasting up to 60 days, it’s easy to understand why they value daylight so much. Bright interiors are one of the hallmarks of their home design. Scandinavian kitchens are open spaces that take full advantage of their windows. Complement this with cool metallic pendants and warm ambient lighting, and you are ready for the long night.

Thanks to many designers and home improvement blogs, it’s easy to recognize Scandinavian interior style. However, we cannot claim that there is only one style – there are several of them, and they all have certain elements in common. By dressing your kitchen into a Scandinavian-inspired style with bright colors, natural textures and simple yet functional furniture, you can turn it into your new favorite room.

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