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If you’ve taken up vaping and are finding it an expensive habit/hobby, here are a few ways you can keep the costs down.


When you are shopping for e-liquids or new vaping equipment, one of the best ways to save money is to look out for combo-sales and discounts. Occasionally, you may come across affordable vape juices from unknown brands having unfamiliar flavors; try them! You may find a different flavor through a bit of DIY experimenting.  

Alternatively, the proliferation of digital spaces offering ultra-convenience and ease of purchase has made buying all things vape online more feasible.

Typically, online vape stores have comparatively lower prices with a lot of deals and frequent discounts making it easy for you to decide upon one or more. A top recommended supplier online at the minute is VapersWAREHOUSE, they are a fairly new business that aims to create a vaper focused and value-packed superstore with discounts built in. They are extremely price conscious as they understand that great vapes don’t need to be expensive. So, for a great vaping experience check out their site for high-quality e-liquids from top brands that are budget friendly. 


In recent years, homemade e-liquids have become an established trend with vapers preferring personalized recipes containing their own desired levels of VG, PG, and nicotine. Also attached to the contentment of coming up with unique flavors is the bounty of massive cost-cutting.

For example, compared to buying a standard 10ml bottle for £2.99 – even that is hard to find if you cannot compromise on quality – the same can cost as low as 28 pence if you do it yourself. The equation is as straightforward.

Admittedly, there are specific things to carefully consider when getting into mixology but there is a lot of relevant material digitally available to ease you into mixing. For instance, there are online e-liquid websites which will work with your input to hand you a recipe in no time or you can even use YouTube to your advantage by watching tutorials.

Follow the vintage adage of practice makes perfect and after a little while, you will be able to pick up pieces of the process.


The amount of power required is greatly reduced if you opt for a higher resistance coil for your clearomiser tank. This is because the wire resists; thereby pushing back against the current that passes through it. Since a lesser amount of electricity is required to heat up the coil, a smaller amount of e-juice is vaporized. It will help you to thrift in multiple ways as you do not have to charge the batteries more often. Therefore you would not have to replace them as quickly.


In the not so distant past, a majority of vapers had devices with no adjustable settings. However, today, an increasing number of cloud-bros are choosing devices with built-in variable wattages. Despite the fact that a higher wattage offers a more flavourful vape experience, it also eats away the juice, coil, and battery power much more swiftly, and eventually balloons up your vaping cost.

Remember, most of the cost cutting does not operate in isolation. Therefore, choosing a lower wattage would not cut the muster if you are using a high resistance coil since both these elements function in conjunction.


It may sound like going back to square one, particularly if you have already lessened the amount of nicotine you are vaping, but it is an efficient way to cut part of your vaping costs. When you use a vape juice that contains nicotine content of over 6 milligrams alongside a lower wattage, and a higher resistance coil, you experience vaping more comfortably than with a greater wattage and a lower resistance coil.

This is because an e-liquid with a higher nicotine strength administers a more impactful dose than lower strength e-liquids. As a result, you will need fewer drags to get the same sensation. It will also reduce your e-juice consumption which in turn will lead to fewer e-liquid purchases.


The standard market practice is to offer vape juices in 5ml (testers mainly) 10ml, 15ml, and 30ml volumes. However, a little more digging would reveal some flavors being offered in bigger sizes such as 60ml, 90ml, or even the monstrous 180ml. You can also get future discounts if you continue to buy from the same merchant in bulk.


There are many benefits to regularly attending vaping expositions. It will help you to mingle with other cloud-bros, and also expose you to a stratosphere of numerous manufacturers offering an infinite amount of flavors. If you are unable to register any of the information you get at these exhibitions, you can still get your free e-liquids.


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