Is gambling a growing problem for women?

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Online gambling has been nothing less than revolutionary in the gambling industry. It has made the life of gamblers convenient and fun. The varieties of casino games such as Blackjack, online Poker, Roulette etc. available online has kept the gamblers hooked. Casino brands such as leaving no stone unturned to make the experience of players seamless and thrilling.


Online gambling is a getaway from the daily struggles for most of the people. However, for some of the people, it had turned out to be the vicious addiction. With the increase in gambling sites targeting women, the number of women addicts has also skyrocketed. In fact, this issue has turned out to be so grievous that the National Centre for Social Research discussed in the Parliament.


Are the women falling prey to the wave of the online gambling? Let’s look at it.


Problem gambling: A dire issue


Just like all another kind of gambling, problem gambling takes over the life of the victim completely. It paves its way into the victim’s personal, professional and social life. Not to mention, it affects their finances.


The number of women confessing at online gambling addiction communities is just countless. The stories of the women victims clearly indicate that gambling addiction led to numerous problems in their lives.


A woman victim confessed maxing out two credit cards and taking a loan without her significant other knowing. In her own words, “I have no interest in bookies or casinos. It’s an online addiction and no matter how mad and down I am with myself, I just can’t say no.


Gambling Addiction: A growing issue for women


For centuries, gambling has been associated with men and has the issue of gambling addiction. Women were seldom associated with online Poker or any other casino games. However, the times have changed now. The online casinos such as Casino Pros are swarming with women gamblers and they are fearlessly indulging in casino games such as online Poker and Roulette.


However, it’s not very clear if the presence of female-friendly online casinos has led to the increase in the addiction amongst the women. The reason behind the uncertainty is the social stigma still prevalent. Though, females generally turn to the online gambling because of the perceived stigma. Problem gambling is social stigma. Being a female problem gambler becomes even more difficult in the society.


Finding help for the Male problem


Another major problem faced by the female problem gambler is that majority of their fellow addicts are male. This prevents them from seeking out for help.


National Problem Gambling Clinic has tried to mend the situation by offering women-specific sessions. The session is completely handled by female psychologists, making it comfortable and optimum for the female gamblers. It discusses the problems of the female gambler and helps her get rid of it, for once and all. The clinic also has the facility of childcare for the busy mothers.


The most important thing to keep in mind while fighting against the addiction is that one doesn’t have to face it alone. They should talk to their fellow female addicts, family and friends. They should seek help from communities such as National Problem Gambling Clinic. However, prevention is always better than cure. Enjoy the online Poker as much as you want, but always have a discipline over yourself. Don’t at all give in yourself completely to the online casino games.

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