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Let Your Style Shine

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One of the best parts of fall is the chance to sample exciting new styles. From more versatile ensemble choices courtesy of the warmer weather to colorful accessory options – fall fashion is all about trying different things and having some fun with your look.

Here are a few trends to keep in mind as you style yourself.

Love to Layer

Layering is a fun and especially convenient style for fall.

Whether dressing up a camisole with a light sweater for a professional setting or going with a trendier style for a night out with a denim or fringe vest, layering helps you to stay cool and still look amazing.

The trend isn’t just for clothing, either. Layering is popular in jewelry as well, and the trend is embraced at top retailers like Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, where specialists help guests embrace the trend in a way that best fits each individual’s style. There are a few general tips, however.

When layering necklaces, it’s often best to start with a more petite style at the top and select a piece with some added presence for the longest option to frame the other necklaces.

When pairing different bracelets, ground the selection with a more understated option, and integrate some dimension with a fashionable bolo bracelet.

Embrace the Shades of Fall

To really make your style shine, try experimenting with color.

One easy way to achieve this is to add a bold touch or two with stylish accessories, such as scarves or jewelry.

Integrating jewelry with stunning gemstones can add a sophisticated pop of color to any ensemble.

Those looking for a treat will find just that with collections such as Le Vian, which offers a mix of vibrant gemstones, including the impressive Denim Ombre collection.

Another popular collection great for summer styling, found exclusively at Jared, is Earthly Treasures Smithsonian. Featuring one-of-a-kind natural gemstones, such as London Blue Topaz and Rhodolite Garnet, in heirloom quality settings, the collection offers an elegant way to stand out, no matter where the season takes you.

Go for Gold

Fall is a great time of year to complement with a fashionable accessory, and nothing stands out quite like gold. When thinking of gold accessories, jewelry is obviously a natural place to start.

In addition to embracing the different shades of gold, many are gravitating toward mixed metals. When featuring the different shades of gold, white is often a good choice for the foundation, offering flexibility for pairing yellow or rose gold pieces.

During these final warm days of the season, let your style shine.

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