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Nighttrain No. 8 -texas-relief

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jamie Antolini, a former Wall Street executive who grew up on Long Island and has been residing in Manhattan for the last 25 years. Jamie worked on Wall Street but has always been connected to hospitality touting degrees in Hotel & Restaurant and Food & Beverage Management. Recently, Antolini started a T-shirt line that is inspired by some of the great artists of classic rock ‘n’ roll and is sharing their legacy with an edgy graphic interpretation of their popular songs.


“I was always inspired by music and started to build out a plan two years ago by pulling various songs and developing different spreadsheets,” says Antolini. “After I had the conception in my head and translated it to paper, I started to meet with designers, suppliers and graphic artists and was hoping to bring my creative ideas to life through these graphics. Nighttrain No.8 was born from the party train. All aboard!”


Antolini like any fashion designer out there, wants Nighttrain No. 8 to be the t-shirt you see on everybody. However, his mission is different, he plans to become a full-service lifestyle brand that stays true to the music. “My love for music, especially classic rock, has always been a lifetime obsession for me. I have traveled the country near and far to see some of the greatest bands in the world. I know the lyrics from these bands are powerful not just to old fans, but to anyone who listens. Bands featured on the t-shirts include Led Zeppelin, Guns & Roses, The Clash and The Beatles. Any lover of music and art are guaranteed to adore these shirts, which are made from 100% pure cotton, garment dyed and butter washed. These shirts are made to be worn for either a casual cup of coffee or dressed up for a night of dining and dancing.


Today, Antolini has a different point of view on today’s music which he’s not that passionate about. He is the parent of Sofia, his sixteen-year-old daughter, who he thought the best way to connect with her, would be through her music while introducing her to his. He went with her to several concerts including Justin Beiber, Katy Perry and Keisha concerts and witnessed the mother’s going crazy more than the kids. He earned Sofia’s respect and in turn, she learned to love his music. Antolini proudly boasts that Sophia knows every word to “Lean On Me” “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Just The Two of Us” which are hits by Bill Withers.


When asked about who he would like to see wearing his t-shirt right now, Antolini states, “I would love to see the Patience t-shirt on Slash since Guns & Roses are on tour right now.” Needless to say, he would love to see everybody wearing his Ts, especially the younger generation and hopefully, they will listen to these great artists and appreciate what music and lyrics are really all about. 


When Jamie talks about his clothing line, his excitement is infectious and he does not plan on stopping there. He plans on expanding his line to hoodies and long-sleeved shirts that will continue to be fun and sexy. Nighttrain No.8 t-shirts are being sold in Kali’s in Aspen but look for pop-ups in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and St. Barths within a few months and stores in Dallas, Chicago and Austin in 2018. You can also purchase through their website:

Nighttrain No. 8 -texas-relief

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Nighttrain No. 8 -texas-relief

A percentage of sales from the Nighttrain No 8 line will be donated to Autism Speaks, an organization that funds the research and development behind the cause. This cause is near and dear to Antolini’s heart and has a nephew/god-son who is autistic.















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