​How to Make Your Ex Miss You First

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Breakups can be hard – especially when it wasn’t your idea. There are too many thoughts in your head, and the one that’s prevailing is figuring a way to get your ex back immediately. However, it is important to not adapt the “get him back at all costs” attitude. Kevin Thompson from Ex Back Permanently says that by acquiring the positive attitude and work on yourself both mentally and physically, your ex will find you more attractive, he will miss you first – no in-depth intricate plan necessary.

Cut Off Communication – For Now

After your breakup, you may be tempted to text your ex in protest. However, it is crucial that you ignore him for a while. Do not creep on his socials, or be tempted to drunk text him: you have to show that you are happy without him before he begins to think about you in your absence.

After a while, consider talking to him again. However, keep this communication casual, and with no strings attached. Do not reply immediately, and keep your responses short – keep him wondering.

Look Happy Without Him

Get a new haircut, aim for that promotion at work, and wear a smile like it’s your best accessory: look happy without your ex. While you may feel heartbroken and even a little desperate, you have to show him that life goes on without him and that you do, too. Live your life, look happy, and never let yourself go. If your ex is able to see you smiling and laughing with friends, he will wonder why you are not upset over the breakup – and we all know that this will drive him crazy.

Social Media Gold

It is important to look happy over social media as well as in your real life. Take gorgeous selfies to post on Instagram, when you are feeling truly sexy and attractive. Make sure that he sees you without really seeing you – social media presence doesn’t mean you have communication with him. The more likes you get on social media, the more attention your ex pay you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Date

If there is anything that makes a man want you back, it is seeing you with other guys. Whether you date another guy casually during this time or just entertain the idea of it on a night out, let it be known that you are no longer waiting for your ex to see you. You’ll prove that you are desirable to others, and your ex may suddenly see you in that light as well.

Act Casual

If you happen to run into your ex around town or with mutual friends, never be awkward or let your feelings show: you’re fine and happy, remember? Do not turn the other away in the street or avoid him in the grocery store, but simply walk right up to him and say hello. You’ll seem confident and happy in moving on from him that he’ll wonder what he can do to get you back.

Use ‘Mutual’ Friends to Show Off

It may be tempting to avoid any mutual friends between you and your ex, but you can actually use them to your advantage. You cannot brag over social media and even to your ex about a new man, a new car, or a better job, but your friends can do this for you. When your friends are the ones bragging, you will appear both incredible and modest.

With a little effort on your part (and more effort on his part), you can get your ex back. It is not about bragging about your new job or a new boyfriend, it is about seeming as if you are over him – we all know that men want they can’t have.



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