6 Branding Secrets You Can Learn from Fashion Industry Experts

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There’s no denying that ecommerce has changed the fashion industry.

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify have made it easier for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs to build their online clothing shops.

With the industry being easy to get into and being as lucrative as ever, competition is stiff and plentiful. This makes it necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs to make their business stand out from the crowd. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from industry experts on how you can build a competitive brand in today’s market.

Establish the core message, nail it, then expand.

This bit of marketing insight comes from Joey Ng, a veteran marketing executive currently working for Output, a company invested in making music software and gear.

Find your shop’s niche and build your brand image on it. Make it simple but still strong and distinctive. Keep in mind Ng’s test: “If you cover up the logo or name in the ad, can you still name the brand?”

Have a strong online presence and engaging content.

Yan Wang, founder of creative marketing studio XYZ Impression, chimes in that it’s vital for brands to have an engaging online presence.

How your online store looks and works, and how your social media pages are handled are big parts of the equation. Posting content that’s interesting and relevant to your audience is part of that engagement as well.

First impressions count, so take advantage of them.

Gail McInnes, fashion designer and editor-in-chief of The Pull Magazine, notes that brands must make the most out of first impressions to succeed in the long run.

Right from the get-go, your brand must show your consumers its best foot forward. Your rivals will be doing the same, so it’s best to leverage whatever you can in this highly-competitive market.

Keep your brand image consistent on all ends.

Dawn Del Russo, fashion and lifestyle expert, builds on Gail McInnes’ insight and asserts that branding is everything in business – especially in fashion.

Branding is a top-to-bottom affair. The brand image should stay consistent in all the faces of the business – whether it be in advertising, or the social media side, or the customer service front.

Be aware of the market trends and be ready for change.

“Fashion is constantly changing, so it’s important for brands to work hard to establish and defend their niche in the changing landscape,” says Helen Rice, co-founder of creative studio FUZZCO.

Your brand must be ready to adapt to the changes in the industry, else you’ll be left behind by your competitors. If you’re a new entrant to the market, look up the trends and focus your efforts in that area.

It’s not who makes it first, it’s who makes it better.

Chris Ngo, owner of various fashion shopping sites such as Crysp Denim and Foundation Footwear, mentions that in today’s trendy fashion market, quality is still the deciding factor in pushing sales.

Focus on quality rather than being the first to put something out on the market. Consumers still prefer quality goods over everything else. 

It may be easy and profitable to start an online clothing shop, but it takes time and effort to make it thrive given today’s competitive market.

As these industry experts have mentioned, brand management is the key to ensuring your brand’s longevity. Appropriate the best advice that works for your situation.





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