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Most people out there dream of living in an ideal house, which usually means designing and building it from scratch. However, most people are also intimidated by the prospect because of all the effort and money they’d need to invest. But with some smart planning, your dream home can become a reality and it is usually even cheaper than buying an existing home, one which you’ll never be fully satisfied with. This guide will take you through the process of designing your ideal home, from finding the site to hiring the right people to get the best possible results.

Brainstorm with a Pen and Paper

Most people recommend using expert software for designing a layout, but that’s way beyond the point you’re currently at. What you need is to do is to sketch your house and play around with ideas for each room. You can then consult with your family and get some ideas from them, what you need, what you’d like to have and if it’s an idea worth pursuing. The sketches you make at this stage will be of huge help for your architect to better understand where you stand later on.

Find an Architect

It’s usually a good idea to check out your potential architect’s previous work and see how it matches with your vision. Nonetheless, you’ll need an architect sooner rather than later, because you need his/hers blueprints to actually get the offers from building companies. Research the costs of hiring an architect and get on with it, because you’ll probably want to hire an architect before buying the land. The architect can help you determine if the lot is suitable for building (wetlands can be extremely hazardous), as well as how easy it is to connect to the civilization (does your lot have an access to a road?).


When talking about layout, the two most important elements to consider are connectivity and visibility. For that reason, most people choose to have their ground floor as open space while keeping the upper floor for bedrooms and kids rooms. Depending on your preferences, you can also leave some space on the ground floor for your study, so that you can work peacefully even after hours. You’ll also want to have a bathroom on each floor, to avoid having to hit the stairs every time. Keep in mind that while you can change floor plans and designs while it’s still in the planning phase, this gets extremely expensive when the building starts. That’s why experts in drafting Sydney claim that the planning phase is the most important when it comes to building a house.

Plan with Lots of Light in Mind

When buying a house, you usually have to make compromises here and there. A house that has a huge amount of light might have fewer rooms than you’d need and vice versa. This is why when designing a house – you get the chance to do everything just right. Having lots of natural light in your home is one of the best ways to make its interior beautiful. Whether you go for huge glass walls or a wonderful skylight, it’s up to you to choose what suits you the best. You can have your study a bit darker if you prefer it that way, but your living room and your kitchen should be bathing in natural light.

Building Phase – Visit the Site

There are many small things that won’t be accounted for in the planning phase, so you need to be around to make a decision. This could be something as simple as getting a skip or dumpster. Companies like mackersskiphire.co.uk offer a wide range of skips which will definitely come in handy when completing your renovations.  Same goes for your architect, who should be visiting the site at least once per week to check if everything is moving as planned. As for you, the more you’re on the site making important decisions, the more you’ll appreciate the house. Trust us, while many of these decisions can be made instead of you, you might regret it afterward. Consult with your family if needed and give honest directions to your architect and your builders and you’ll be just fine.


Designing your own new home is far from easy, but it’s something that everyone should experience in their lifetime. It’s a unique opportunity to watch as your dream home is becoming a reality from a simple drawing. Living in such a home is a pleasure beyond anything that a bought house can offer you, simply because you’ve decided how it’s going to look. If you use these simple tips you’ll make sure to stay in control and design yourself a home that you and your family will be proud of.


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