How to become a better piano player: 5 DIY Steps

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Playing the piano is an art form that not everyone can master. When you are learning to play the piano or intermediate skills, there is always a drive to be better. Mastering the art of piano playing takes time and dedication. By learning the easy steps below, you can focus more on your piano skills and become an even better musician.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you have been playing piano for some time, you have probably heard that you need to practice, and this is very true. Piano playing requires the learning of notes but also muscle memory. The more you practice, the more your mind and hands become one. You will be better able to read music and make your hands hit the right notes. With practice, you will be able to perfect the old pieces you like to play as well as work on new pieces.

Listen to New Music First

When taking piano lessons, it is important to learn how to listen to the music. Many musicians can hear a piece and have a better understanding of how it should be played. By listening to a new piece before you play it, you can hear how it sounds and be able to learn how to recognize the emotion the piece is providing. You can easily listen to new songs online via YouTube to get an idea of how a piece will sound when being played via the piano.

Practice Sight-reading

If you are new to the world of music, you are probably just learning how to sight-read music. When reading the music, sight-reading is used by the musician to be able to understand the piece, helping you to avoid making mistakes. If you have trouble reading the music, be sure to ask your teacher for more assistance in this area of your lessons. You want to be able to understand the pieces in order to play them with ease.

Remember Your Mistakes

If you find that you are making mistakes during your lessons, it is important to take note and work on these issues. If you are constantly missing a particular note, find out why. Perhaps you are holding your hands wrong on the keys or need more practice time when it comes to muscle memory. Whatever the case may be, look at mistakes as things you need to work on instead of a burden that you cannot overcome.

Have a Quality Piano

If you are purchasing a new piano for the home in order to become a better pianist, be sure to purchase a quality piece. You want to have a piano that is finely tuned and will provide you with the adequate base you need in which to learn the art of piano playing. Pianos come in all shapes and sizes and can easily be used in the home for more practice time. When having a piano moved into the home be sure to work with Piano Removalists Perth to have the piece moved with ease, ready for you to get to work!


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