Looking at the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations

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Deciding where to spend the holidays? Here are the year’s hot spots for holiday travel.

Although places like El Salvador might offer the tourist plenty of ramshackle charm, there’s always the opportunity to take a holidays somewhere a little more glamorous.

From casino hotspots on the South Coast of France, to exclusive getaways in California, here are some of the most magnificent destinations to spend your hard-earned money!


For those who are looking to live the movie-star lifestyle, then we have to head to Los Angeles. But rather than getting caught up in the city’s traffic and smog, a far more luxurious option is to head out to the glamorous beach towns such as Malibu where upmarket hotels like Nobu give us a whole new way of enjoying the Californian sunshine in style.

And whilst it might not offer the bright lights and noise of many stereotypical holiday options, it’s clear that Malibu delivers an easy-going and seriously stylish way to relax.

Cape Cod

travel-cape cod

Not that the West Coast of the USA has the monopoly on glamour, as places like New England on the East Coast also offer plenty of luxury. From taking a private yacht out to Nantucket, to joining the likes of Barack Obama and Lady Gaga at Martha’s Vineyard, it’s easy to see why the famous love this part of the world.

In particular it’s the chic environs of Cape Cod that continue to attract the wealthy tourist, with the refined atmosphere of the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club providing a great example of New England charm.



However, there are some things that the Europeans do a little better. Whilst American casino destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City offer plenty of chintz, for some exclusive gaming in an impossibly ornate example of Beaux-Arts architecture, then we’ll have to go to the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco.

But if the sound of crowded private beaches, and prohibitive drinks prices sounds a little off-putting, then don’t forget that Royal Vegas online slots offer Monaco-sized jackpots without the stuffy dress codes!


But it’s the city of Dubai that’s become the rising star of the luxury holiday scene. In just a handful of years this dazzling city in the UAE has become the most glamorous place in the Middle East thanks to its blend of futuristic skyscrapers, along with luxury retail opportunities, and a mouth-watering selection of innovative new restaurants.

And whilst it might not have the casino gaming options of some other places on this shortlist, ambitious new projects like the world’s first rotating skyscraper show how keen Dubai is to attract tourists looking for something a little extra from their holidays.


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