Rari Nutrition Disrupting a $60 Billion Dollar Market

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Most Entrepreneurs tend to stay away from large industries as the barrier to entry is typically very high. It can be an expensive proposition trying to enter the Neutraceutical industry as this year’s sales in the US is projected to be $60 Billion dollars in 2017 and over $132 globally. The reason why its expensive is that it typically carries a high customer acquisition cost (CAC) as the big players are buying up all the premium ads and creating a ton of content to ensure their products are being seen by millions of eyeballs every day. Further, new businesses and brands in the space have a failure rate of over 90% which makes it even harder to not only start but to stay in business

Despite a myriad of challenges and financial hurdles Co-Founders Sean Kelly and Chris Bosco started RARI Nutrition with a bootstrapped $10,000 investment and obsession: to make a pharmaceutical grade manufactured Nutraceutical that caters to customers who are genuinely committed to their fitness goals. What is great about their brand is that although it is a high-end brand, it’s not pretentious as they offer the money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.  They are marketing strategically through social media and also doing well on Amazon as its one of the best selling Nutraceuticals on the platform.  By not relying on just one marketing channel they are gaining greater exposure for the brand while limiting risk.  The disruption comes from torrid growth despite the big GNC size budgets.  It’s “how” they are growing their business which makes the difference.

I interviewed both Sean Kelly and Chris Bosco who are the co-founders of RARI Nutrition. Sean opened up as to why he entered this industry as the answer surprised me “I was frustrated with products I was taking when I first started working out as it was more marketing than science. It was out of pure frustration that we decided to start RARI”. Chris further asserts that “we always put science and data first before we release any product”. This duo heads-up this fast growing brand as they are experiencing double-digit growth month over month in a space that the smaller players can easily be squashed like bugs (enter Mr. Wonderful voice). They are a new brand and are carefully cultivating their image and messaging “our brand messaging, and alignment with ambassadors needs to be top notch as we will not settle for anything less but the best.” What I also like is that they are not choosing “Insta famous” models but those who truly care about the brand and its core values.

Recently Sean Kelly appeared on the New Theory Podcast as he shares his insights on how to grow a business in an incredibly (to put it lightly) competitive marketplace:

Also check out this recent review of RARI:

These two guys are definitely up and comers as they have a great product, strong work ethic and not afraid to hold themselves to a higher standard by putting brand building and engagement over making a quick dollar.  Look out for these guys as they are on the move as RARI is disrupting the $60 Billion dollar market and I predict will be a household name in the fitness space in 3-5 years.

Check out RARI Nutrition here:

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