The Billionaire Land Rover Defender

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The Billionaire Land Rover Defender concept is becoming reality.


INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe has revealed new details about his plans for a Land Rover Defender style vehicle called Projekt Grenadier.

Billed as a go-anywhere off-roader, the model promises to have the “spirit and straightforward engineering of the old 4x4s but with a massive leap forward in reliability.”

The company hasn’t released pictures of its first model but says it will be an uncompromising vehicle that will appeal to everyone from off-road enthusiasts to city dwellers seeking adventure.

The plan is certainly ambitious but a lot of details still need to be worked out – mainly where the vehicles will be built. INEOS Automotive is considering building a new plant in the United Kingdom but it could cost between £600-700 ($810-945) million. The government could offer incentives to reduce that number in return for the 7,000 jobs that are expected to be created from the project.

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