The Far Hills Race Meeting 2017

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Far Hills Race Meeting Draws Thousands of Fans for a Beautiful Day of Racing and Family Fun


The Far Hills Race Meeting is authorized by the National Steeplechase Association. More than 34 races are run every year between March and November, raising funds for a number of worthy causes in the area. The Far Hills Race Meeting currently offers some of the richest purses in America. Best of all it hosts the Grand National Steeplechase, the most prestigious race in American steeplechasing.

The Far Hills Race Meeting started with the Essex Hunt, a fox hunting event, in 1870. In 1913 the organizers of the hunt incorporated as the Essex Fox Hounds which then established the Farmer’s Day Race Meeting to thank farmers and landowners who allowed them to hunt on their properties. The event included the New Jersey Hunt Cup Steeplechase. In 1916 the event moved to what is known today as Moorland Farm. Later the event became known as the Far Hills Race Meeting which has been continually run on the same site, except for a short break during WWII.

Thousands of people attend the Far Hills Race Meeting. The proceeds of the races support healthcare efforts and other initiatives in the area, with the bulk going to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. Starting from the 1950s, the Far Hills Race Meeting has donated more than $18 million to local healthcare.


A lot of prizes are donated by local businesses to be won by the spectators in a raffle. Everyone has fun as they try their luck with the raffle and the lucky ones win the big prize and some money. In the process they raise much needed funds.

The organizers always make sure that all young and excessive drinkers who come to the races are kept under control and that there are lifts available at a discount for everyone to get home safe. Everyone who goes to the races enjoys themselves and everyone looks forward to the next event.


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