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The Fashionista Interior Trend is a Must for Monochrome Lovers

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If you go out and look around you, you can see that more and more people choose to wear mostly black, white and gray, with an occasional splash of color.

This monochrome trend is gaining momentum in the last few years, and it’s slowly being introduced into our homes as well. When you combine this monochrome palette with a few fashion décor items and cleverly displayed clothing pieces, you’ll end up with a fashionista interior design trend. If you too are drawn by monochromatic look, here are a few things you need to know about this interesting interior design style.

How to achieve a perfect fashionista interior?

One of the key elements to fashionista interior is the color palette. Concentrate mainly on black, white, gray and a few metallic details here and there. This is sure monochromatic recipe to pull off this look. Of course, you can bring in an occasional pop of color, but be moderate. The color that works great with all these non-colors is coral or dusty pink. You can also introduce a hint of greenery through indoor plants and add a bit of gold or silver for a touch of luxury. This is about it when it comes to hues and fashionista interiors. Clean, simple and monochromatic.

Fashion as decoration

This interior style wouldn’t be called “fashionista” if there were no fashion involved. Fashionista interiors are mainly inspired by big fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, NYC and London, so this style is everything but traditional, vintage and homely. Even though many think that Fashionista interiors are too minimalist and cold, interesting décor elements give it a lot of personality and style. When it comes to decoration, you don’t have to think too much. Use fashion as your decoration with prints of famous models and fashion houses (as long as they’re in black and white). If there are no available framed prints you want at the store, you can try custom framing them for an even better and more unique effect.

Art quotes everywhere

Another signature element of this interior style is bold and eye-catching art quotes. Quote Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani or other fashion icons that inspire you, and remember to display them somewhere visible. You can also go multi-lingual and get quotes in languages other than English, and also experiment with the way you display your art. You can put clusters of prints together or simply lean the framed print against your wall. If black letters on a white backdrop are too simple for you, you can mix quotes with imagery of urban cityscapes or famous models. These prints look amazing in any room, from your living room to your home office and bedroom.

Furniture and accessories

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Marble is a definite must for a true fashionista interior, so it’s a great idea to invest in a cool marble coffee table, vase or candle holder. Other materials you can introduce to your home is leather and fur (faux of course) and shiny ceramics.

Also, if you have dark floorboards, they will work great with this style, but if not, make sure to throw a modern geometric black and white rug over your floor. If your space looks and feels a bit empty, you can add some warmth by showing off your favorite clothing pieces. Put together a monochrome outfit, together with shoes, jacket and a bag, and make a subtle display of it. It’s probably the easiest way ever to decorate your home!

If your closet’s full of monochromatic clothing, you might be a perfect candidate for a fashionista interior style. So, board the monochrome hype train and decorate your home so it matches your sophisticated fashion sense.



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