3 Kitchen Essentials That Last Forever

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Most tools that you buy for use in the kitchen won’t last for more than a couple years, even with proper care. Non-stick frying pans can get scratched up when you use the wrong utensils to make meals. Plastic measuring cups can crack after enough usage, making it impractical for you to keep them in your kitchen drawers for very long either. On the other hand, essentials like the cast iron skillet pan can be used on any surface, and in any setting, indoor and out.

Here are three of the main essentials that you should already have in your kitchen that are guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

  1. Pyrex

It looks like ordinary glass, but Pyrex is so durable that only the highest quality baking pans, measuring cups, and even serving dishes are made up of it. Home cooks that make several different dishes for every meal absolutely should have some Pyrex pieces in their kitchens. First, accidents happen so if you accidentally drop a dish made with Pyrex it won’t shatter on the ground, leaving thousands of shards for you to clean up. Pyrex kitchen essentials don’t chip or break even when exposed to high temperatures, so what you buy today can still be used by your great grandchildren.


  1. Cast Iron

It isn’t a new material by any stretch of the imagination, but you might have a cast iron frying pan in your kitchen right now that was given to you by a distant relative. That’s just how durable cast iron is – it can be used on the stove with high heat, then put in the oven to bake for a few hours, or even slung over a campfire year after year and still go strong. Take care of your cast iron by washing it gently, drying it thoroughly and keeping it seasoned with natural oils so that it never rusts and can continue to be used.


  1. Stainless Steel Cookie Sheets

When you go to make a batch of cookies or even a dozen biscuits in the oven you might notice a charred residue on your cookie sheets. As you continue to use standard aluminum cookie sheets, the pans themselves can begin to warp or become covered in baked on residue that’s impossible to eliminate with a scrub brush. Stainless steel is a tough metal and cookie sheets made with it will hold up no matter what it is you’re cooking in the oven.

Spices get used up, dinnerware gets swapped and replaced when it goes out of style, and regular pots and pans get scratched up and burned until they are no longer useful. You can keep your wooden spatulas for only so long before they splinter, crack, and break up into pieces, but not before you make hundreds of meals with them. The three kitchen essentials named above can keep you cooking in peace with tools that you will find make the process of creating a meal a lot simpler. Why keep replacing your frying pans, measuring cups, and cookie sheets when you can just buy them all once in a lifetime?

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