3 Ways You Can Eat Healthy When You Have No Time (or Desire) to Cook

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Although we all want to find quick-fixes, the best way to maintain a healthy weight is to eat wholesome, unprocessed food.

For many people, that fact is synonymous with spending a lot more time in the kitchen, releasing our inner Master Chef.

But this isn’t always practical. Some people are simply too busy to cook their own meals, or the idea of cooking is just unappetizing. If you just can’t seem to get yourself into the kitchen to whip up some healthy meals, are you doomed to eat fast food for life?

Of course not!

Here are some alternative ways to make sure you eat healthy meals when you have no time (or desire) to cook them yourself.

1. Buy Healthy Microwave Meals

Some people would say that the words “healthy” and “microwave” don’t go together, but there are some stunningly healthy options in the freezer aisle that are ready to eat in about 4 to 5 minutes. What could be better than that?

Look for meals that are low in sodium and are comprised of plenty of vegetables and whole grains. You can buy delicious ethnic cuisine like Pad Thai or Mexican-style casseroles. The flavors and tender consistency of the veggies will surprise you.

Microwave meals can also aid you in portion control. Drink plenty of water or eat an apple if you still feel hungry after one of these surprisingly filling meals.

2. Hire a Personal Chef

Before you scoff and nix this idea, ask yourself this: would you hire a personal trainer to help you get fit? A person chef is no different! And when your health is on the line, it is well-worth the investment.

Hire a Personal Chef

Some chefs cook food in their own kitchen and deliver it to you. Others use your kitchen as a workspace. You can get fully customized, delicious meals that follow any diet plan.

When hiring a personal chef, you can ask about a food manager certification or other qualifications that indicate a stellar track record of safe food handling. After that, price and personal preference will guide you.

3. Batch Cook

Let’s say you don’t have time during the week to cook, but you’re happy to cook a healthy meal for yourself on the weekend. Take advantage of that extra weekend time to batch cook.

This means making large amounts of food that you can eat throughout the week. For example, you could make a large pot of brown rice so that you always have a healthy snack to fill you up. Another popular option is to bake half a dozen potatoes in the oven, then reheat and garnish them with various toppings, from cheese to chili. They can be snacks or meals in their own regard, free from extra oil, salt, preservatives or anything else you like to avoid.

An electric pressure cooker is an excellent tool for batch cooking, because it allows you to walk away from the kitchen (or leave the house entirely!) while food safely cooks in your absence. Beans, rice, veggies and meat can all be cooked to perfection with only a small amount of initial set-up.

No matter what, healthy eating is always within reach. It’s simply a matter of making good choices. Stay inspired to keep doing your best!

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