8 Best Highlighters for Radiant Beauty

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How can you create that red carpet-worthy look at home? It’s easy when you use the right product.

You don’t even need to buy many products, just a single skin highlighter can do the trick. Look like a professional spent hours airbrushing and powder finishing your skin just by dabbing a few drops or brushing a small amount of highlighter in strategic places. Here are the products and techniques you can use to create radiant beauty every day.

We start with a discussion of how highlighters do what they do. Then, we list the top 8 highlighter products on the market in 3 different groups. For starters, we’ve selected the 3 top drugstore highlighters, 2 that are sure to help you retain that summer radiance all year, and 3 of the best high-end, multipurpose highlighters. Then we discuss the benefits of using a highlighter to create radiant beauty. Finally, to round out the list, we give you some tips and tutorials on how to use highlighter to create dramatic smokey eyes.

How Highlighters Work

Use a highlighter with your daily makeup regimen to make your skin. To achieve that perfect glow, you need to understand how highlighters work. This is not another chemistry lesson, just an overview of the different effects that you can create. First, there’s the classic dewy highlighter. These products are glossy and reflective. Dewy highlighters work best when you need to create a youthful radiance. Next, are shimmering highlighters. They create a true glow by using pearlescent pigments that emit light. Finally, holographic highlighters enhance the depth of various skin tones and shades. By incorporating multiple pigments, the add dimension, and definition to your skin. Highlighters create many affects from a more prominent brow line and eyelids, to a sleeker nose, or a sultry and seductive warm smokey eye. Here are the products we think make the grade.

Best drugstore highlighters

Create radiant beauty on a budget.

1.Loreal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator

This product works well when used alone or mixed with your favorite liquid foundation. This sheer luminous liquid gives you a radiant all-over glow that lasts.

2.Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Powder Palette

This formula smooths and conditions your skin with every use. This powder hides blemishes for a flawless radiant finish.

3.NYX Baked Blush + Illuminator + Bronzer

The name says it all. This versatile powder creates dramatic effects, especially when applied with a slightly dampened brush.

Best highlighters to retain summer radiance

Winter often means dull dry-looking skin. These highlighters turn pale fading tans to luminous.

1.Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminating Wand

Treat your skin with shea butter and argan oil. This roll-on cream is formulated with light-reflecting crystals that help your skin retain a naturally radiant sun-touched glow.

2.Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam Golden Bronze Liquid Highlighter

This bronzing highlighter comes with a brush to help you easily apply to target areas. It captures light and makes you look like a ray of sun is shining across your face.

Best all-around highlighters

Get maximum glow year-round.

1.Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

It’s fool-proof because it tells you exactly where to apply the powder for the best effects. You’ll sculpt and highlight like a pro with this dual tone luminescent powder palette.

2.RMS Living Luminizer

Look perfectly dewy, without looking like you’re perspiring. (We meant glistening.) This is a great daytime highlighter when you need to look fresh and radiant without too much shimmer.

3.Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

Don’t be afraid of using too much because it’s so sheer. Use it for contouring or to touch up a fading summer tan.

Benefits of Using Highlighter

A good highlighter serves dual purpose as both a concealer and for contouring.

For face contouring, use highlighter to enhance your brow line, cheek bone, nose, and even to bring your shoulder blades when you’re going sleeveless or off-the-shoulder.

As a concealer, use your highlighter to cover blemishes and correct skin discolorations. Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin to cover up pale spot, and use a lighter shade to conceal dark under-eye circles, scars, and blemishes. You can even use highlighter to conceal lip discoloration and to give your lip gloss or lipstick a shimmering effect.

When it comes to creating dramatic eyes, highlighter is as important as the right shades and colors. Whether you’re creating smokey eyes with browns, grays, or bold colors, you’ll always want to start by accenting your brow and adding light under your eyes with a highlighter.

Put Your Best Face Forward

The right highlighter is your key to creating flawless beauty. Use different highlighters to create a dewy, shimmering, or holographic effect. Achieve beauty on your budget with time-tested brands like L’Oreal and Physician’s Formula that are available in most retail and drug stores. Keep up your summer glow with multi-purpose bronzers from Josie Maran and Benefit Cosmetics. Finally, tackle all you skin needs with great all-around highlighters from Giorgio Armani and Charlotte Tilbury. Even if you’re a beginner, using a highlighter can make you look like a long-time beauty pro.



Tiffany Brenning is a beautician and a freelance beauty writer with a degree from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California. She started as a make-up artist in college and soon begun to see that there are diverse ways of making a living in the beauty/fashion industry. That is why she is also a Content Editor for Beauty Essential, a site for the beauty aficionados. You will find there numerous tips & tricks to help you look pretty in an as-natural-as-possible way.

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