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Channelling Fashion Month Street Style Vibes

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There was once a time when what happens on the runway is the focal point on Fashion Week, and that limelight was not to be shared. The tides have turned and now instead of one, we have to main events – both the models walking down the runway and visitors now share the spotlight. When it’s time to unveil the spring lines, the glitterati gather wearing their fall collections. The reason this part of FW has gained in significance is simple – these are real people, wearing designer clothing in real life – on the streets, and that is not only incredibly relatable but also important in term of real-life inspiration. We can now actually take cues from them as to how to mix and match, play with different styles and end up with killer outfits, so let’s just go ahead and do that.

Alive and in colour


Whether it’s Milan, Paris, London or New York, the one thing that was said loud and clear is that bright colours are here and they look more stylish than ever. It’s clear from the bright yellow trench coats and skirts to match and monochromatic orange ensembles, that the trend of layering the same colours (that was for a long time been viewed as outdated, drab and uninspired) is definitely back, and there is nothing dull about it. You can even play with fabrics and textures, rock a tulle skirt with a chunky sweater, or play it chic with classy skirt suits. One of the major trends for F/A 2017 is red, so don’t be afraid of wearing head-to-toe, complete with red accessories, footwear and even purses. While we’re on the subject of bright and popping, one gorgeous trend is not to be left unmentioned. We can’t help but fall in love with multitudes of pink on red combinations that make us wonder why matching the two shades was ever frowned upon. The thing to remember, no matter how casual an outfit, always use accessories to your advantage, because as you can see, great eyewear and shoes make all the difference in the world.

A plague of plaid


It’s everywhere you turn, there’s no escaping it, so it’s better to embrace it. Actually, there is nothing not to love about the plaid print. Brands like Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Chloe have presented the pattern in all its glory and what was once too corporate is now chic, casual, retro – in one word – everything. There are numerous ways to play with the trend; one way is to throw athleisure pieces into the mix and wear sneakers and sweatpants with an oversized plaid jacket. Another, easier and less risky move is to go plaid all the way. However, the one way that is high risk, but also high reward is to incorporate different plaid patterns into one outfit. Just keep in mind that only one can be dominant, so keep the remaining subtle and small, and mind the colour coordination.

Athleisure at its finest


People in all fashion capitals were seen rocking different versions of the athleisure style, but none of them hold a candle to Seoul street style extravaganza. There is the revival of the 90s plaid shirt and high-waist trousers mixed with sweatshirts and it works amazing. There were of course those who rocked tracksuits unapologetically and also made sure that their brand of choice is loud and clear. Of course, some took it a bit too far, but wore it with confidence, and that is a must when you’re experimenting with different styles. Still, the main lesson we’ve learned from Seoul is that – when it comes to sporting logos, either go big or go home.

Standing the test of time


Red can be the new black, athleisure can be the new black but all this is fleeting because the only thing that will always be black – is black. So, channel your inner supermodel with a sleek all-black-everything look, which definitely has its perks. First of all, black is maximum power and elegance with minimum effort. Secondly, there is almost no way to create a bad outfit. Whether you’re doing sharp and smart, goth and edgy or just black casual, you’ll always look amazing.


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