Top Websites for eCommerce in 2017 and Why You Should Create Your Own

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Check out these sites as they one of the hottest in 2017 for eCommerce as the time is right to start your own site

With Amazon ruling the eCommerce game and now getting into Brick and Mortar with the purchase of Whole Foods.  There is still untapped potential to sell your products and/or services online as Amazon has paved the way to consumer being comfortable with shopping online.  Prior to launching your eCommerce venture its important to find an online educational resource to assist you with understanding and navigating how eCommerce truly works.  Once you have a strong understanding, then you will need to decide on the technical aspect.  You can easily set-up an eCommerce site for a little budget with companies such as Big Commerce as they have programs for under a $100 a month.  If you now WordPress, then I would encourage you check out Woo Commerce as this provides flexibility so you can compete with the big boys without busting your budget.  For those who have serious capital consider Shopify custom site or Magento which would be considered enterprise level.

Now that you have the site up, you’ll need to choose your product and/or service.  One site that is something that you love to do as eCommerce, just like a traditional store, should be done a space for which you love.  One of the hottest sites for 2017 is a eCommerce clothing line called Zen Vibes.  They offer Inspirational T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies and Mugs that are both stylish and functional.

Another route you can take is offer products that people will need in their everyday lives such as Quality Workwear at outlet prices.  The site is called FroOutlet as they offer a variety of working gear at extremely affordable prices.  Working outside in the winter can be difficult, that is why I like these steel toe boots as they will provide both warmth and protection.  By offering a product that people will always need as a fair price, if your able to effectively promote your site, you should be able to provide the products at a discount since your overhead should be lower vs. a traditional store.

How Do I Promote My New Website?

Now that you have a store set-up you will need to think how to market your site.  Whether you like it or not, it will cost you money to acquire to clients to your site.  The best way is when your on a shoestring budget is through social media.  You can easily set-up a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and post daily in order to build your community.  If you have resources you might want to consider hiring a Digital Marketing firm that can run your campaign on your behalf.  We always recommend starting off slow if your bootstrapping your campaign and grow slowly until you are cash positive.  If you raised capital work with your marketing firm to establish the following metrics:

  • An acceptable Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC
  • What is the projected LTV or Lifetime Value of a client
  • How many initial customers reorder aka the Reorder Rate
  • Payback Period, how many purchases will it take a single customer to cover the CAC
  • If you offer a subscription service, you will want to look at projected MRR or Monthly Recurring Revenue

By establishing metrics upfront it will allow you to set budget as well performance metrics for which you can judge the effectiveness of your plan.  When it comes to eCommerce sites, as in life, when the strategy is clear, execution becomes the strategy.  So have a clear and winning strategy upfront and the rest will take care of itself.



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    July 9, 2018 at 10:40 am

    This content is most important and give some idea about eCommerce website . In fashion industry eCommerce website you buy different type of Quality Workwear which is most essential for every people .

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