10 Best Destinations for December Sun

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If your teeth are grinding in the winter and the shortened daylight hours make you feel depressed, you should definitely pack your things and head for warmer pastures. Believe it or not, December can be quite an exciting time to travel and you can have a vacation filled with maritime activities. Just always remember that, on the other end of the globe, the summer has just only started. If you are interested in where to venture, here are 10 best destinations for enjoying December sun.

Adventures on Galapagos

Galapagos Islands are a perfect destination for December travels, a time when daily temperatures in this region do not go above 26°C and rarely drop below 16°C. The islands are renowned for the endemic biosphere and you get a chance to see some of the most interesting and captivating species of fauna in proximity that is as intimate as it possibly can be.

Dance in Rio de Janeiro

Of course, if you want to go somewhere hot in December, it does not necessarily have to be a tropical Island. Rio de Janeiro boasts temperatures of 28°C, so you can walk barefoot on Ipanema beach. In the city that is famous for its epic parties, you will have Christmas Holiday and the New Year’s Eve of a lifetime.

Resting your eyes in Thailand

The average December temperatures in the Phuket Province (which is located in the south of Thailand) are around whopping 31°C. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy amazing beaches and crystal clear azure waters without any fear of monsoons. Spend a day sunbathing on Hat Mai Khao Beach and go to a party to Surin Beach after the sunset. Karon and Kata are known as quite decent and reliable hotels if you are thinking about where to stay.

A pleasant week in Melbourne

Since Europe and the United States are pummeled by constant rain and blizzards during winter, you can hop on a plane and go to sunny Melbourne which is basked in temperatures that dance around 24°C. The colorful cityscape is brimming with vibrant attractions and interesting activities. Since you cannot exactly enjoy a summer in French vineyards, do not miss out on the wine lands of the Yarra Valley.

A short trip to Tasmania

If you are in the mood for an impromptu adventure, you can also embark on a last minute cruises and jump on a ship from Melbourne to Tasmania. The cruise last for four days and you can enjoy an amazing carnivalesque holiday you will cherish for the rest of your days. Tasmania is well-known for its incredible natural beauties, which is why this destination is an absolute must on your bucket list.

Tranquility on Cyprus

Cyprus is one of those islands that do not seem to be as popular as some other hotspots, which is insane considering the sheer beauty it offers. This captivating country has some breathtaking cliffs, epic beaches and awe-inspiring national parks you can enjoy on a brisk summer walk, enjoying the moderate temperatures of approximately 20°C.

Go urban in South Africa

Everybody wants to visit Cape Town. It is a true metropolis on the south end of the globe and a fantastic backdrop for an urban December vacation with temperatures that are estimated around 24°C. Furthermore, it is a city with a rich Christmas culture, with festive lights and evening carol concerts adding to the yo-ho-ho atmosphere in spite of high temperatures.

Get lost in Auckland

Just like Cape Town, Auckland is a developed city on the edge of the world – and New Zealand’s biggest metropolis. Its pulsating cityscape that is filled with urban verve will remind you of Australian cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, and will make you totally forget you are in a country where The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed.

Discover Oman

Oman is not the first place on people’s minds when they start thinking about December holiday destinations, but you will discover it has so much to offer, maybe even more than the most captivating exotic regions in the world. You will marvel at the dunes, mountain ranges and welcoming Middle Eastern feel to the place. It does not exactly spell Christmas, but it can be a welcoming change of pace. If you want to go deep diving, do not miss visiting Jebel Sifah Resort.

Explore Sri Lanka

If you have heard that the famous island off the coast of India is usually affected by a monsoon season between October and January, you will be glad to know that the south part of the island is mostly clean of any dramatic rain. With 30°C temperatures, December is an ideal month to visit Sri Lanka and feel like a true explorer as you uncover its mystic beauties.

Christmas can be an enchanting time of the year, but many people simply cannot stand extremely low temperatures and depressingly cloudy and short days. So, why not have all of the extra amazing Christmas activities and decorations coupled with a beautiful weather? Just be mindful of the fact that some of the tropical regions around the world are in hurricane season, and try to avoid these hotspots no matter how alluring they might appear.


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