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6 Ideas for Your Apartment Where Rustic Meets Modern

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Knowing what you love and don’t love is great, as it allows you to pursue what makes you happy and enjoy doing; but what can you do when you love things which you believe are mutually exclusive?

Is there a way to show your appreciation for modern as well as rustic design in your apartment? Luckily there is, and what is more, you can do it in such way that you start wondering why you ever thought rustic and modern aren’t compatible.

Choose the dominant style

First things first: you need to discover where your loyalties lie. We understand that you love both rustic and modern, but you need to decide which one you want to be the dominant style in your apartment. Truly neutral place that has both styles equally present is virtually impossible to design, so decide whether you want your apartment to be rustic with a touch of modern or modern with rustic elements. This way you can create a nice, well-balanced space where different elements and styles aren’t in constant war for attention.

Try mimicking

When you have two completely different furniture styles you really want to use but don’t know how, you can try mimicking design elements and colors. An old, battered couch in the living room and a metal side table that looks like something from a sci-fi movie may not work well together, but if you add a nice vase with a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers on it and throw a bunch of soft pillows in colorful pillowcases on the couch, you will be able to connect the two.

Modern accessorieshome decor

When you aim for an overall rustic look but would like to give it a modern twist, you should choose your modern accessories carefully. When you have a rustic kitchen, you can get a nice granite worktop because it will fit in wonderfully and at the same time give the space a natural and elegant touch. It will not, however, make a significant change in the room nor will it modernize overall rustic vibe. When it comes to living room, we already mentioned that a sleek and modern side or coffee table will be a nice touch. You don’t’ have to go metallic if you don’t want to, a bright and funky coffee table will do the trick too and you can top it up with a modern vase of colored glass or a nice digital photo frame.

Rustic accessories

On the other hand, if you’re proud of your state of the apartment full of glass and metal details and minimalist furniture but would like to add a nice vintage touch, a nice traditional, rustic piece will do the trick. A lovely wooden table in your kitchen, a solid oak bed or bedside tables for your bedroom, huge mirrors with carved wooden frames, vintage vases and rugs, throw pillows in embroidered pillowcases, and a sturdy bookshelf that looks like it belonged to your grandma are all lovely accessories which will stand out in a room but won’t make it too rustic.

In harmony or in contrast

Both harmony and contrast look well in a room, and you should pick the style you like best: harmonious, restful look or exciting contrast. Harmonized look is easily achieved when pairing modern IKEA accessories in bright colors with rustic furniture, heavy pleat Eiffel curtains with modern lamps and chandeliers, or a chunky traditional wooden table with classic Hans Wegner chairs.

Embrace natural materials

When you have two completely different styles which generally don’t mix well, you can use an old trick and bring forth natural materials in neutral colors, as these have a unique power to ‘marry’ contrasting styles. Modern chairs and rustic table (or vice versa) will go well together if they’re both made of wood and have the same hue, and the same goes for every other room in the house.

Having one style you prefer and sticking to it is a good way to decorate your home, but it’s not the only way. If you aren’t afraid of improvising and combining different styles, you can end up with wonderfully eclectic home that has more spirit and character. On the other hand, there is a thin line between elegant eclecticism and plain old mess, so try finding a balance and feel free to ask others for help and advice on interior decoration.


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