Boy Toys – 7 Great Gift Ideas for Your Man this Christmas

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Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, but it’s also a time for hair-pulling mania as you try to think of what to get your significant other. As the busy shopping season hits, it becomes all the more stressful as you try to navigate your way through equally-as-stressed-out shoppers. Knowing that the man in your life is possibly tricky to buy for and you’re about to reach a new level of panic, we’ve compiled a list of seven gifts we think he will love!

1. LED Light Bars

If your man is an off-roading enthusiast, you can do no better than the gift of LED light bars. However, not just any set of LED light bars will do! It’s essential that you opt for quality. Something that’s suitable for harsh environments and delivers exceptional light output will do the trick. You’re better off spending more on better quality lights that will last for years, then going for the cheaper, imported version that will break before you know it.

2. Brew Kits

If your partner is partial to the amber elixir, why not give him the opportunity to brew his own beer? Not only could it blossom into a new hobby, but a brew kit offers him the chance to taste the fruits of his labor. There are many affordable brew kits on the market, and the best part is, there are endless opportunities for buying new accessories for many birthdays and Christmases to come.

3. Dartboard

Every man (and woman for that matter), loves a game of darts. Whether it’s in your local tavern or your garage, there’s nothing like aiming for the bullseye and getting it in one shot. Therefore, buying him his very own dartboard could bring out the competitor in both of you.

4. Travel Kits

If your nearest and dearest regularly travels for work, as more Americans are doing, he’ll just love the convenience of a travel kit. You can buy them pre-made, or assemble one yourself to include comforts of home as well as necessities such as razors, soap, and deodorant. Some businesses even enable you to embroider the packaging which adds a nice personal touch.

5. Sports Gear

Studies show that men are twice as likely to be than their better halves. Therefore, he’s sure to enjoy the chance to head outdoors with shiny new gear. Buy him a new set of golf clubs, or a new jersey for his favorite sports team. Alternatively, how about splashing out on tickets to a sports game out of state? If there’s one way to bring a tear to a man’s eye, it’s through seeing his favorite sports team win a game live!

6. Barbecue sets

If Christmas is looming ever nearer and you’re still at a loss for what to buy the man in your life, you can’t go wrong with a barbecue set. You can opt for the toolkit that features everything you need to grill the perfect steak, or you can go ‘all out’ and buy the barbecue as well!

7. Tools

As they say, sawdust is man glitter, so if your husband likes to dabble in DIY, shiny new tools are a must! Take note of what’s already in his shed, and if you need to, ask the shop assistant for help. After dogs, tools are a man’s best friend, so new ones will more than please! 

 Buying gifts for your man can be tough work, but it’s not impossible. Avoid the dreaded socks and undies route and instead, opt for something a little more unique that will blow him away!





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