How to Choose the Right Steel Building for Your Auto Repair Shop

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You have always dreamed of opening your own auto repair shop and now as a master mechanic with years of experience under your belt and a strong following of loyal customers, it’s finally time. You know that the cost of construction on a concrete, steel reinforced building is going to be prohibitive with the budget you are working with, so steel buildings are your best option. Let’s get started looking at how to choose the right steel building for your long dreamed of auto repair shop.

Reputable Manufacturer

With the right steel buildings, manufacturer, and complete control of customizations, you can save as much as 40 percent of what you’d pay with other types of construction. And the best part? The time from design to completion is also less than half what you’d expect. However, look for a manufacturer that has a solid reputation for reliability like Armstrong Steel, where steel buildings are fabricated at their state-of-the-art plant. Meticulous care is given to every detail so that you can be sure you are getting exactly what you pay for. This is essential for your auto repair shop dreams to be hassle free.

Many manufacturers look at cutting costs, but that should not be an important consideration at this point. Steel buildings are already available at 40 percent less than other types of construction, so why cut too many corners when it doesn’t benefit you in the least? In fact, cutting those corners can be a serious disadvantage!

Warranties to Look For

Another thing you’ll want to look for when browsing steel buildings is the warranties offered and whether the company has a reputation for standing behind them. As mentioned above, companies like Armstrong Steel need to have a reputation for reliability, and this is never more important than in the warranties they offer. Armstrong Steel gives a 25-year rust through roof warranty and a 40-year rust through warranty on exterior walls. That’s the kind of warranty you are looking for.

Customized Designs

When it comes to an auto repair shop, you need to get your specs right on target. Are you going to have a bay with a rising lift or are you going to simply have a solid concrete floor with traditional hydraulic jacks? The right manufacturer can customize your steel buildings with no interior reinforcement beams getting in the way of your workspace.

That’s one of the major benefits of a good manufacturer of steel buildings, they can custom fabricate your auto repair shop to your specifications. Also, you can decide the types of entry doors you want, whether you want them at both ends or for cars to back out when complete. The design must be in your hands or you simply won’t be happy.

Putting It All Together

These are the three important considerations when choosing steel buildings for auto repair shops, but take the time to think about what you want and need. The right company will give you easy-to-read blueprints and ongoing customer service should you need any questions answered as you go along. This is your dream and now you can finally see it come true. Steel buildings cost less than other types of construction, are quicker to complete, and can be fabricated to your exact requirements. That’s how you choose the right steel building for your soon-to-be and long-awaited auto repair shop.

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