How to Finance a Medical Negligence Claim

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Medical malpractice is not as common in the UK as it is in other parts of the world. However, according to a report published by The Guardian in June 2017, the NHS Resolution is currently dealing with an estimated £56.1bn in medical negligence claims UK alone. This is a staggering amount to comprehend and does indeed send chills down one’s spine with regards to the state of the medical practice in the UK. It may seem like a daunting task if you feel that you have been a victim of medical negligence and wish to proceed with a claim.

There are many companies, and many more myths surrounding the success, or lack of, putting through a claim against a medical practitioner or group of medical staff. You do not have to be afraid though, as the process itself, even though it can take anything from 18 – 24 months to see any results, is a simple one handled by medical negligence solicitors. It really does not have to take much effort from you.

No Win, No Fee

The general ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy in the UK ensures that claims which do not have at least a 60% success rate are not even followed through with, that a compensation culture is not fuelled, and that you have no legal costs upfront. The ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy also makes sure that you keep the bulk of your compensation, up to 85%. It is an important policy that most medical negligence solicitors adhere to.

Self-funding Costs

If your claim has no chance of success, your medical negligence UK solicitor will advise you not to go through with it and simply drop the claim. However, you can always fund the claim yourself. Any medical negligence solicitor will advise against this process, but there is the odd occasion when a patient feels so close to the incident and will act from a purely emotional state rather than a logical one. It is these instances when many patients who have been a victim of medical malpractice, but on a small scale, have taken their own arguments to court and lost almost everything that they owned to legal and other fees.

Make sure that any incident, no matter how you feel toward it, is taken further with the best medical negligence solicitors at your side, that you know that they have a ‘No win, No Fee’ policy and that you do not act emotionally and lose everything that you own to a dispute which is best left untouched.


More often than not, victims of medical malpractice have the necessary legal insurance to cover the costs. However, before even putting a claim through via your legal insurance, make doubly sure that it is worth the paperwork, time, and personal expense. How do you ensure this?

You go and see a medical negligence expert and sit down with them and explain your case. Make sure to bring forth as much evidence as you have on hand if any. If your case is something that does not look as though it will make the first volume of paperwork and will never stand a chance of success, whether in or out of court, they will advise you not to proceed with using your insurance to cover it. This type of advice is usually completely free of charge and will save you a large extent of money and time in the long run.

Being a victim of medical negligence in the UK is something which has become exceedingly evident in the last couple of years. According to the Medical Protection Society, the cost of medical claims in the UK is set to double by the year 2023 due to an increased number of medical claims. This is an extremely sobering number and has a cost equivalence in training a further 6,500 medical doctors. Your victimisation in the medical world is definitely a serious case, regardless of how large, how small, or how serious the consequences are. The medical world has a certain standard to uphold and when this standard is not met, certain consequences result.

Just make extra sure that when you are a victim of that standard not being upheld, you consult medical negligence lawyers and you follow the sound legal advice that is given. It is no use losing everything that you have worked your entire life for to dispute a case which you cannot win. Some things are better left to the experts and in the serious case of medical negligence in the UK, you are safer and in far better hands when taking a small amount of time to go and consult a medical negligence solicitor. They have been working with this type of victimisation for years and since it is such a sensitive topic, they will be able to ensure that whatever path you take, that it is in your best interest.


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