The pros and cons to replacing vs. patching a broken windshield

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  It never fails. You’re all caught up on your bills and you are able to start saving some cash when something bad happens that requires you to spend your savings. Driving down the road, minding your own business, you notice an object coming at you. It could be a small pebble or even a tiny rock that you can’t even see. The object hits your windshield and you hear a loud crack! You notice that the windshield has a small crack in it but it isn’t affecting your view. You choose to ignore the small crack only to find out that after a few days, it has spread and is now across your entire windshield. You are now kicking yourself because chances are that you could have gotten away with a simple patch of the glass but now the entire windshield needs to be replaced. There are pros and cons to replacing versus patching your broken windshield and we will explore them within this article.




Safety. The main reason that people choose to get their windshield fixed right away is because of safety precautions. Having a cracked window can be unsafe as it can obstruct one’s view. In addition, it can cause a great deal of trouble for the driver if the crack begins to spread while driving down the street. Sometimes a crack may spread fast while other times it could take days to weeks to spread. You just never know which is why it is so important to have your windshield replaced if you have a crack that is of substantial size.


Cosmetically pleasing to the eye. Nobody wants to drive around with a cracked windshield. The windshield will look cosmetically unfavorable which can be a turnoff to many people. If you are planning on going out on a date and you will be driving, it is in your best interest to get your windshield replaced before someone gets the wrong impression of you. Perceptions may not be true but they remain true in one’s mind if they don’t’ know you well. If at all possible, get your windshield fixed so that it is pleasing to the eye.




Costs. Replacing your windshield could be costly if you do not have insurance that covers it.


Not knowing who to call for help. It can be a challenge to find a reputable auto repair shop to go with and this can be particularly intimidating if you are a woman. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you find yourself in need of a quick patch or an entire windshield replacement, you can find out more information on autoglassguru.com.


Time consuming. If you do not have the time to take your car to the shop to have your windshield fixed, you can call and ask if the company of choice makes house visits. Some companies will come to your home or work and fix your windshield on the spot!





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