Travel to these places when you want to feel Christmas spirit

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Across the world, you will find many suggested locations on the best places to go for Christmas. Well, every place on earth is unique in its own way, but you need to find a place where you will get a unique experience, one which you will love to remember. Important to note is that the best place for one person may not be so for another, so you need to do your research well, pay someone to write my dissertation so you could have a free time. Most interesting is that you will find an interesting place to spend the time even when you are on budget. The following are some suggested places and a brief description on what you will find there.

Presepju, Malta:


A Christmas celebration cannot be complete without a visit to presepju or the nativity scenes in Malta. The Malta residents open the shutters and even their garages in order to display to the public their holy crib confections. In this village, you will see grazing animals, turn mills, oil lamps and crafts areas which traditional folklore and skills.


Copenhagen, Denmark:


Copenhagen is characterized by hyggelige cafés, festive spirit and shining lights such that legendary Danish coziness and inventive design harmoniously blend to create a unique, wonderful experience. It is well adorned with tasteful decorations and Christmas markets, creating a unique atmosphere you cannot find elsewhere.



The Tivoli gardens in this city are characterized by sweet little stalls which sell traditional goods and gifts, exciting rides and Christmas light displays.


Rovaniemi, Lapland:


Rovaniemi is characterized by frosty landscapes, elaborate ice sculptures, and Christmas trees. These features have made it one of the most popular Christ-massy places on the entire earth. The magical allure is added to the fact that Santa Claus lives just 8 km away. In addition to Santa Claus Village and pink-hued mornings, Rovaniemi offers all the visitors eclectic museums array and a wide choice of activities to engage in during the winter, such as husky and reindeer rides, Northern Light tours, and snowmobile safaris.


Bath Christmas Market, England:


Bath in England is one of the best places to spend Christmas this year. The city features over 170 wooden chalets, which sell unique handmade crafts in antiquated Georgian setting. It lies between Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, and it offers a spectacular way of discovering Bath’s character, the only city in the United Kingdom, which has been designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Prague, the Czech Republic:


Prague is loosely referred to as Europe’s Gothic fairytale, and it celebrates Christmas with grandeur and glam. It features breathtaking architecture that provides a dramatic backdrop for visitors to sip wine as they take sightseeing tours in the city.


Rockefeller Center, New York:


Some revelers describe New York City as the perfect Christmas town. At the center of New York is the Rockefeller Center and it’s famous ice rink that has been in existence for more than 80 years. Since 1931, the decorated tree has been a celebrated holiday tradition. The Central Park, also in New York City hosts large tow ponds for those who love horse-drawn carriage rides and skating.


Nuremberg in Germany:


Nuremberg is one of the most popular places to visit at Christmas in Europe. Over Christmas season, this city turns in to winter fairytale. It is also home to some of the most spectacular and oldest Christmas markets in Europe and the world. The leading attractions include lebkuchen a local gingerbread, toys, and traditional wooden Ferris wheels among many others.


Strasbourg, France:

This French town is one of the most ancient Christmas towns in Europe. Among the attractions is Marchés de Noël. In the mighty cathedral shadow, you will find about 300 wooden stalls that are decorated with amazing figurines, Christmas tree ornaments and spectacular seasonal specialties including mulled wine known as vin chaud, bredele cookies, and roasted chestnuts.



The atmosphere gets livelier with Nativity plays, carol singing, and ice skating rinks.


Vienna in Austria:


Vienna is one of the few cities in the world that celebrate Christmas with a lot of grace and elegance. The elegant, sparkling Christmas markets, old world charm and the café culture on the city’s streets gives it unique appeal to visitors across the world. Among the activities, you can indulge in include feasting on the delicious freshly baked pastries, glühwein, and sausages.

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