What Your Hoodie Says About You

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Hoodies have always been cool clothing items that are used to symbolize youthfulness and have been a subject in the national debate on race and justice. Plus, remember the collegiate hoodies that you wore in school and would still wear them long after graduating from school? You probably know what that meant.

The best thing about hoodies is that you don’t need loads of them and you can wear one with just about every outfit in your wardrobe! You just need to choose one and it will last you years.

However, whether you wear your hoodie all the time or just some of the time, it’s important you understand what this clothing item says about you and your personality; and, here are a few ideas of the messages you are putting through.

You Have Your Own Style

Many people have a dark black hoodie in their wardrobe that they wear just about all the time – and it sometimes looks ominous. People have a right to choose how they dress if that’s what they are going for. But, not everyone is going after a particular style just because they have hoodies on all the time.

In fact, the true hoodie fan is one who appreciates getting as many of them in many different styles and colors, like those from WearSaga. You can purchase some because they have your favorite band on them or purchase different colored hoodies because they go with some of the items in your closet. You may even purchase a hoodie because it has pictures of your favorite logos or brands.

Overall, hoodies help you achieve your ultimate style. You can show the world what exactly you really care about and still feel confident because you believe in the message you are putting across.

You Love Physical Exercise

As a woman, your hoodie helps you hide your goods while avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, making it the best type of clothing when exercising, doing yoga or going for your regular run. For both sexes, the hoodie you wear helps you sweat more. Sweating more is an indicator that you are detoxing, a valuable product of any good workout.

You Like Hugs!

Hoodies are the ultra cozy and comfortable clothing items everyone has in the closet, especially those made with a blend of polyester and cotton. This is probably why the hoodie is the most popular wear-to-bed clothing item or even just lounging at home clothing item. For many, the hoodie offers them a much-needed security blanket.


You Like Being Comfortable

The biggest advantage of wearing hoodies is that you can never feel self-conscious in them; there’s no set right or wrong way to wearing them – just throw one on and you are ready to step out! A hoodie frees you from worrying about messing it with food or crumpling the material when packing in a bag or having to worry about sitting in a certain way to preserve the material. The last thing you need to worry about when you step out are these concerns, and your hoodie is definitely too casual and cool for such.

You Like Being in the Background

Sometimes, you just want to stay away from it all without literally getting away from it – much like you want to stay incognito. If this is this the case for you, flip the hood cover over your head and the world seems to fade away, leaving you in a burble where you can recollect your thoughts. In most cases, people will give you space once you have the hood up and pulled tight around your face, they’ll leave you alone and you can finally be that silent fly on the wall!



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