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WED had its inaugural EVENT in New York City which included a conference, speakers, and the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards.

Whilst enjoying WEDO inspired cocktails from Zirkova One+Together, and wine from Joseph Carr Wines & Fleurs de Prairie, woman from all over came together to celebrate the strong female hustle!

A special closing reception was held at Zirkova House the home for the award winning, ultra premium Ukrainian vodka brand Zirkova One+Together), on Friday November 17th the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was hosted by Wendy Diamond.  A social entrepreneur, humanitarian and founder of “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED)“. Who was inspired to launch WED in 2013 after volunteering Honduras with the Adelante Foundation, an organization that provides microcredit to locally impoverished women.

The global movement that is celebrated around the world in 144 countries and 110 colleges/universities and Is set to encourage women worldwide to pursue and take notice of their hardworking organizational, and leadership abilities, but most all to continue to foster that ambition and fire!

WED had its first inaugural event in 2014 which was convened at the United Nations in New York City which included a conference, speakers, and the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards. Sarah Obama, Barack Obama’s grandmother was presented with the Education Philanthropy Pioneer Award given by actress Quvenzhané Walli.


Angela Simmons

This year a super impressive and diversified RSVP list was curated with honorees, speakers and special guest. From Muna Rihani Al-Nasser, Chairwoman, UN Women For Peace Association, 6-time Grammy Nominee Sara Bareilles, Kathleen Hochul Lieutenant Governor Of the State Of New York, tv personality Angela Simmons, Lydia Fenet Senior Vice President, International Director of Strategic Partnerships & International Head of Benefit Auctioneering for Christie’s Auction House, cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown, Kate Rogers CNBC Small Business and Entrepreneurship reporter Reporter, socialite and model Twinkle Khanna, Galia Benartzi (Co-Founder Bancor Protocol), Heidi Messer Co-Founder Collective, World Evolved and LinkShare), Sonia Gardner President & Co-Founder Avenue Capital Group and even 12 year old founder of Me & The Bees Lemonade Mikaila Ulmer.

Attendees also enjoyed delicious food from various notable and up-and-coming female food entrepreneurs including Amy’s Bread, La Quercia, D’artetagnan, Meringueshop, Oliviers & Co, Eleni’s New York, The White Moustache, Sweet Loren’s, Blue Plate & Co, Elisa’s Love Bites, Slawsa, Goodie Girl Cookies, Bittersweet NYC, Janie Bakes, Local Roots NYC, Antidote Chocolate, Stack Happy Sweets, Sky Vegetables, The Regal Vegan, Cocktail & Sons – and were treated to a surprise impromptu solo performance from dancer /choreographer Princess Lockerooo.

Women’s Entrepreneurship - ANGLEA SIMMONS

Wendy Diamond

Women’s Entrepreneurship - ANGLEA SIMMONS

Middle: Alina Baikova

Women’s Entrepreneurship - ANGLEA SIMMONS

Women’s Entrepreneurship - ANGLEA SIMMONS


Alina Baikova

A.J. Calloway

Various topics – from starting one’s own business endeavor as a female in a male dominated industry, to being a female entrepreneur in the business world, and ways in which female entrepreneurs can uplift,empower, challenge, and encourage each other – were discussed..

“Empowering women worldwide and investing in their futures helps to drive and promote economic vitality and security locally and globally,” says Diamond.

“Twenty-first century leadership skills, such as cooperation, communication, and sharing are more

commonly associated with women. We want to celebrate the unwavering positives that women entrepreneurs bring to the global economy as well as inspire and support future generations of women”.

While women still remain underrepresented among the ranks of entrepreneurs. WED is creating the proper environment that will inspire and help woman of all over want to write up a business plan ! It’s the perfect recipe for a successful venture. With the increase of female entrepreneurs there lies  the potential to unleash a wealth of ingenuity and creativity that can spark a new era of entrepreneur-led growth in America which will then improve economic opportunities for all Americans.

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