10 New Year’s Yachting Resolutions

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Buy a luxury yacht in 2018 and fulfill your New Year’s yachting resolutions in style. Contact a yacht broker to realize your seafaring ambitions.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a luxury motor-yacht with a huge Jacuzzi. Or, at least, one can hope!

With the winter yachting season well underway and the New Year freshly dawned, we take the opportunity to look ahead and make some resolutions. From enjoying indulgent experiences to visiting exotic destinations, there is an endless number of memories to be made when you own or charter a luxury yacht.

Take inspiration from our yachting bucket list and draft up your own New Year’s yachting resolutions for 2018, before contacting a Yacht Broker and realizing your ambitions.

  1. Live the Yachting Dream: Buy or Charter a Yacht

Chartering or buying a luxury yacht affords unparalleled luxury and the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones in a remarkable environment. Drink champagne in the Jacuzzi as the sun sets in the Caribbean. Sink back into the bubbles, look up at the sky, and thank your lucky stars you decided to experience the pleasures offered by a luxury yacht.

  1. Dive into the Blue and Worship the Sea Gods

Dive in Mexico or the Maldives and witness gentle whale sharks pass you by, their white spots vivid in the crystal clear water. Admire manta rays as they glide through the water, their vast wingspan blocking out the sun. Follow schools of tropical fish in the warm Caribbean waters. Most luxury yachts carry snorkeling and/or diving equipment, meaning you can explore the marine life under the waves.

  1. Celebrate a Special Occasion in an Exotic Destination

Whether watching New Year’s Eve fireworks explode in the sky above the chic island of St Bart or enjoying fireworks displays while anchored off the glamorous destination ofCannes on a midsummer’s eve, there seems to be no end to the magical moments that can be appreciated on a superyacht.

  1. Enjoy a Shopping Spree in an Iconic Port

Go ashore in the high-speed tender for an afternoon of shopping in the glamorous boutiques of Portofino, Porto Cervo, Monaco or Miami. Yachting uncovers the charms of many famous ports.

  1. Get Back to Basics on a Secluded Beach

Enjoying a luxury beach barbecue on a secluded cove in Sardinia or on a remote sandbar in the Seychelles. The yacht’s chef will grill lobster on the coals, the music will play, and the kids will splash about in the water, having the time of their lives. Create the conditions for perfect memories to be made.

  1. Let Loose and Have Some Fun!

Throw a party on the sun-deck of your super yacht- perhaps in Monaco during the Grand Prix or in the Hamptons in high summer. Watch the tenders speed towards your yacht, dropping off your beautifully dressed guests, who step aboard to mingle and laugh and dance under the moon.

  1. Relax at a Famous Beach Club

Relax on a daybed at a glamorous beach club in St Tropez or Ibiza, before enjoying a long rosé-fuelled lunch and dancing on the sand as the afternoon turns to night on and the DJ starts to play.

  1. Experience a Sailing Yacht

If you’re new to seafaring, you may not have considered the merits of a sailing yacht. For an authentic yachting experience, charter or purchase a sailing yacht in 2018 and understand their appeal. Feel at one with the water; develop an understanding of the conditions; and enjoy the sense of tradition associated with seafaring.

  1. Discover Uncharted Territory

The demand for expedition yachts is rapidly rising in popularity in the yachting community, with lots of vessels now equipped with all the luxuries of a more conventional super yacht. Seafarers are exploring remote destinations in increasing quantities; make it your mission to follow suit and discover the lesser-travelled itinerary.

A versatile motor-yacht that combines explorer yacht qualities and the opulence of a super yacht,the 45.01m M/Y SCOUT offers a private Owner’s deck with a gym and terrace – a feature that is rare on yachts in this size range. M/Y SCOUT also has a Jacuzzi, a beautiful contemporary interior, and a huge sun deck with an edge bar. This explorer super yacht for sale looks just as good anchored off Capri as it does floating through the remote fjords of Alaska. M/Y SCOUT is a great first-time proposition and is sure to fulfill your New Year’s yachting resolutions.

  1. Contact a Yacht Brokerage

First-time yacht buyers or charterers will need the expertise of a broker to help them buy or charter a yacht. Many new yacht Owners charter numerous yachts first to figure out which features are important to them, which stateroom layout best suits their family, and which design style really floats their boat.






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