8 Questions with Model Andrea Ballesteros

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How did you get started in Modeling? 

I started when I was 17 years old, when a swimwear designer from Bogota asked me to be part of a major parade in the city of Bogota. From then on a path began to open, not only on the catwalk but also in different events 

What does fashion mean to you? 

is something that lives with us today, new trends constantly emerge and different styles emerge, but I think the most important thing when thinking about fashion is that we like each other and be comfortable 



Who is your biggest beauty inspiration? 

I like the style and image handled by models like Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne, who have been rebellious and polyphacetic. 

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? 

my favorite designer is Alessandro Michele who is currently the creative director of the gucci firm, I like the style he uses inspired by the irreverent and even sometimes a little ornate and colorful, I think it is a unique style clothing that is recognized and has weight 

How did you stay fit?

I do not follow a diet or a strict exercise routine, I like to feed myself to indulge in the cravings that I get, I try to do a lot of cardio and functional exercises. 

How do you feel about the controversy of the size 0 in the industry?

I think it’s dangerous to start implementing this kind of fashion standards, since behind all This industry has miles of young people who are in being the models and make part of the catwalks, who are the main followers of these standards and who are also very affected when trying to fit in them. 

What is fun and rewarding about modeling? 

the most rewarding thing is to receive the affection of the people when they recognize you for your work, take pictures with people and be the inspiration of some is very good 

And what do you dislike? 

I think that when you enjoy what you do, any sacrifice or any not so good episode is rewarded with the taste and results of the work.

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