Choosing the Right Outfit for Stylish Occasions

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Finding the right outfit for a particular occasion can prove to be stressful for men and women who don’t know the fashion lingo of the day. For example, should you dress casually or formally or maybe somewhere in the middle?

When in doubt, it may be immensely helpful to ask the host or hostess. Here’s some useful advice when you’re deciding what to wear for some important events you may encounter.

Business Dinnerbusiness-dinner

For a business dinner, men and women should dress according to the office environment. Dressing conservatively is usually the smartest way to make a positive impression. Women can dress in a blouse or cardigan over trousers. A blazer and trousers with loafers is a suitable outfit for men. Remember to dress appropriately in order to be taken seriously.

Holiday Company Party

A company party requires less formal attire as it’s prone to be more social. If you’re a woman, you can show your personality by wearing bold colors or metallics and high heels or sparkly flats.

Show your sharp fashion skills at this time if you’re a man. You can try a dark velvet jacket and dark slacks with no tie (says you’re trying too hard) and polish your fabulous loafers.

A Formal or Beach Weddingbeach-wedding

A cocktail dress is formal while a light sundress and wedges or flats may be fitting for a beach wedding. Men may wear a dark suit or tuxedo for an extravagant affair. A button-down shirt with dress pants, flat shoes, and a pocket square may be sufficiently casual for beach weddings.

A lot of times, weddings have themes, and the bridesmaid dress you have may not be something you’ll wear again on a different occasion. If you’re like Katherine Heigl’s character in 27 Dresses but don’t think you’ll be wearing these dresses again, you can sell them online. That way, you’ll earn money and give another person a chance to make good use of your gently used outfits.

A Funeral

Dressing respectfully is a necessity at any funeral, but you don’t need to wear black. Both men and women should wear neutral colors like brown or dark blue or green. Don classic accessories like pearls for women and belts for men. A vest and a button-down shirt are safe but classy for males while a pantsuit is an option for females.

Opera, Ballet, or Other Cultural Event

As the opera or ballet is for sophisticated individuals, this is the perfect chance for you to take out your elaborate dresses and embellished heels. Pearls or otherwise showy earrings, an ornate or delicate necklace and a clutch embroidered with jewels are grand accessories to include in your look.

 A pair of diamond earrings and some elegant gold charm bracelets will certainly help to add the perfect touch to your classy, sophisticated look, but you need to ensure that your accessories match with your clothing rather than upstaging it. Opt for a designer dress whenever possible, as the fabric or material used is generally of a much better quality – this is extremely noticeable, especially for the fashion conscious. 

Men should dress intelligently too, preferably in trousers and a tailored shirt. Make sure you finish off with a blazer that compliments the colors in your trousers and shirt, and decide whether you’re going to wear a tie or a cravat – choose one, not both. Utilize a watch and an oxford shoe to finish the piece.  Don’t be afraid to wear other accessories if the season fits – a tartan wool scarf during the winter is an ideal example.

If All Else Fails

If you’re stuck, you can almost never go wrong with the stylish little black dress for a dinner party or other fancy outing. For males, depending on how casual the atmosphere, a dark suit and tie will stand out at almost any cocktail party. No matter what always make an effort to choose something that fits your own personal taste as no amount of fashion is capable of hiding an uncomfortable disposition.

Don’t forget too that your clothing occasions during certain events may be dictated by customs. Each culture has its own set of rules for what is considered appropriate or taboo. If you’re traveling to another country to be someone’s guest, research ahead or ask about the dress etiquette to avoid any fashion blunders and upsetting other people.


Luke S. Mitchell is an MS Undergraduate in Sports Journalism and manager of Defend Your Healthcare. He is interested not only in the mind-body relationship and how motivation shapes our bodies but also in how we draw energy just from one simple yet powerful thought. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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