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Needless to say, accessorizing is an art in its own right. There is a situation with which all of us mere mortals can relate to – we have the perfect outfit all picked out, but when it comes to the finishing touches, we’re either clueless or in fear that we might over or under-do it. Well, that is the time we turn to some of the most prominent and personal favorite fashion bloggers as a well of inexhaustible inspiration. They’ve made their name doing what they do best, so it’s only natural that we look to them to improve and upgrade the art of accessorizing. So, without further ado, let’s dig through their countless combos and learn the secrets once and for all.

As simple as it gets

One of the hottest fashion bloggers to watch this year is no other than Tala Samman, founder of MyFashDiary. The all-around slay queen is known for her gorgeous skin, luxurious outfit choices (even when she’s in full athleisure mode), but the one thing that stands out, and dare we say, completes every outfit is her choice of killer eyewear. Samman wears little to no jewelry aside from the occasional golden bangle, but she is rarely caught without a great pair of specs. Her most frequent weapon of choice seems to come from the rising star Quay Australia brand, which has won over the likes of both Desi Perkins and Kylie Jenner, and looking at Samman, it’s clear why. The blogger is a proof that you really don’t need much else when you’ve got the right and most flattering shades for your face shape with you.

The air of mystery

The beauty of Lee Litumbe is enough to humble and leave in awe, but even more so once you check out her style choices. The two things that definitely stand out are the two pieces of accessories the blogger seems to be faithful to. One is a simple gold necklace that goes with virtually everything, and makes for a chic and subtle statement, even though it’s not a chunky statement necklace. The fact that she’s often spotted with the same piece of jewelry tells that perhaps there is a meaning attached to it, which is a lesson we can all stand to adopt. Get a locket, a charm necklace, something that carries a deeper meaning and wear it all the time. This way, it won’t only be a mere accessory but a personal signature of sorts.

The obvious choice

There are very few people who can resist not to fall in love with the quirky minimalism of Erika Boldrin. After keeping a close watch on this unconventional beauty, it’s not hard to notice that the girly minimalism revolves around two carefully selected accessories – bags and watches. Aside from these two, the blogger doesn’t bedazzle herself with much else, and we love her for it. Now, for watches, make sure they’re simple, gold or silver depending on your outfit color palette, and go completely wild with your choice of bags. From color block beauties to luxury Italian designer handbags, spare no expense and be bold and outrageous with your color choices. This applies to both minimalists and statement dressers – each could always benefit from an additional pop of color, but make sure you choose from a quality family as bags are an investment that is totally worth it.

Marc Jacobs made us do it

Ever since Marc Jacobs showcased his spring/summer 2018 collection featuring bold oversized suits, murky florals and fierce eyeliners, all topped off with gorgeous and versatile turbans, the world has been obsessed with them, and judging by her choice of what is perhaps the ultimate accessory, so has Asiyami Gold. Of all the accessories one can put to use when creating a traffic-stopping outfit, this one definitely takes the cake. It has an air of mystery to it, it’s both chic and low-maintenance, not to mention that it’s the perfect accomplice for those days when your hair simply refuses to cooperate. As both Jacobs and Gold show, there is no outfit, not even a pantsuit that doesn’t work with a turban, so whether you’ll go with cotton, satin, bedazzled or simple – just make one happen already.


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