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How to Improve Your Style Without Overspending

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When you’re a fashionista, keeping up with current trends can be frustrating. You want to shell out the big bucks for the best, but you feel guilty about wrecking your spending habits over clothing, especially when your closet is already bursting at the seams. In fact, most Americans claim they feel overwhelmed by the amount of junk in their home, so how can just you justify spending even more on unnecessary fashion items?

Thankfully, there are some ways to spruce up your current wardrobe for cheap so you don’t have to completely sacrifice your shopping addiction in the name of financial stability. Here are some of the best ways you can buy quality clothing pieces without breaking the bank.

Shop End-of-Season Sales Religiously

Although retailers want you to give in and snatch up their tempting seasonal items, your wallet is begging you not to. Purchasing in-season clothing is one of the most expensive ways to shop.

Instead, make a note of the things you need and mark the best time to shop for them on your calendar. Swimsuits tend to be cheapest at the end of the summer, and you can find a real steal on a winter coat at the end of spring. You can regularly snag great deals by patiently planning your shopping according to the season and weather.

Instead of Updating Your Clothes, Switch Up Your Accessories

Sometimes all a shirt or dress needs is an accessory to give it a new look. Fortunately, eye-catching accessories are all the rage right now, so you’ll fit right in with other fashionable figures by wearing some beaded earrings, big bangles, and sparkly necklaces.

The best part about spending money on jewelry instead of clothes? It’s versatile. One pair of earrings can work with dozens of outfits, so you get more bang for your buck than you would if you bought one new top.

Embrace Vintage Trends

Our bank accounts rejoiced the day that thrift shopping became fashionably acceptable, so make sure you’re taking advantage of the current vintage trends. Consignment shops, garage sales, and thrift stores often have hidden gems somewhere on their racks that’ll ring up for almost nothing. Amazing old coats and jackets are especially easy to find, so bundle up in your vintage steal with pride.

Make a Beeline for the Clearance Rack

Think of all the new merchandise at the front of the store as unnecessary temptations. Sure, that new turtleneck might be adorable and those comfortable UGG boots might be screaming your name, but giving into their siren calls is exactly what the retailer wants shoppers to do.

Instead, march straight to the sale section of the store and start weeding through last month’s selection. That way, you can still shop at your favorite stores and brands, but you’ll save a little money by buying older styles.

Learn to Mend Your Own Clothing

Sometimes stores will massively discount items with rips or tears in them. If you’re handy with a thread and needle, you can scoop these items up and mend them at home. No one will know you got it for half the price after you’ve finished with the repairs.

Learning to fix your own clothing will also discourage you from spending money on new items when yours fall apart. Instead of chucking that dress with the rip in the trash, you’ll be able to restore it back to your closet in near perfect condition.

Host Clothing Exchange Parties With Girlfriends Your Size

If you’ve got girlfriends that love to shop as much as you do, then this will be a great bonding session. Invite a couple of friends over and ask them to bring the clothes they never wear.

Have a few glasses of wine as you trade with one another and try things on. You’ll have fun shopping in your own living room, get rid of some of your unwanted clothing, and score some new items. It’s pretty much a win in every way.

Only Shop for What You “Need”

In the 1930s, the average American woman owned nine outfits. Now she owns about thirty, so it’s safe to say that most women don’t need that much when they head to the mall. Take a close look at your wardrobe and figure out what you could reasonably purchase and what you have absolutely no need for. This step will save you closet space and money, so don’t skip it even if you want to buy several new outfits.

It Takes Time, But it’s Possible

Although most Americans don’t really have a reason to buy more clothes, shopping can be a fun form of self-expression that most don’t want to give up. To continue adding to your wardrobe without spending too much, focus on embellishing the outfits you already have, shopping smartly, swapping with friends, and keeping your clothes in good shape. By doing so, you’ll find it’s actually possible to stay up to date with current fashion trends while still sticking to a reasonable budget.



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