Rubin Creative: How to Build your Brand in Today’s Market

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I had the opportunity to sit down with Leigh Rubin, co-founder of Rubin Creative to discuss the company that she built with her husband Jeff Antanaitis.  Rubin Creative is a design and development company focused on helping clients utilize technologies and multi-channel marketing to build brands and grow their clients’ business. They use their experience, credentials and knowledge to craft seamless and engaging solutions across all digital platforms and devices. This husband and wife team based out of Philadelphia, PA is certainly a leader in their respective field.

Leigh Rubin-rubin creative

Leigh Rubin & Jeff Antanaitis

OR: How long has Rubin Creative been in business?

LR: I started the business when I moved to Philadelphia from NYC in 2009; I guess that means we will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary this year – WOW time flies!

OR: What sets you apart from your competitors?

LR: The landscape in today’s fast paced digital world is much different than it was 10 years ago. There is greater competition, everything is 100% trackable and people want instant results. Companies no longer need to overpay to work with traditional advertising agencies who provide less than stellar service. Our small experienced staff guarantees that you will always work with the best and most senior talent at a fraction of the price.

OR: What are the some of the challenges you face when it comes to strategizing with a client on the development of their website?

LR: People get so caught up in the day to day hustle of work. Often times, the biggest challenge is simply getting our clients to take a step back to see what really makes them special. Once we can agree on what sets them apart, the actual development of the website comes together rather quickly.

OR: Why in the age of “do it yourself” website development do you find your business increasing?

LR: Great question and one I get all the time. When developing a website, it is extremely important to first understand the overall digital strategy for the company and then develop a foundation that can grow over a period of time. There are major limitations to using an “off the shelf” website template or trying to “do it yourself”. When we develop a website, we analyze how people search for information or find your business on the web (Search Engine Optimization – ‘SEO’), how to make the content that they are looking for easy to find once they get there (User Experience – ‘UX’) and how to structure your content and design to take advantage of research (using data driven Google Analytics). Nowadays, a website is the building block for a company’s brand and digital blueprint. You need to work with digital experts who can position your business to take off and thrive.

OR: What are the trends for website and mobile technology for 2018? Do you need a separate mobile website?

LR: It is amazing how quickly mobile has taken over as the primary device that people use to view content on the web. Therefore, the most important thing is to think “mobile first”. I always tell my clients that they do NOT need a separate mobile website. We utilize responsive design, where the content on each page automatically resizes according to the device. With responsive design, you do not need multiple codes. A single set of code, which accepts various specification parameters from the device being utilized, will do the job.

OR: What are the best ways for clients to increase their Search Engine capability (SEO)?

LR: There is no exact formula that can be applied across all industries. That is why it is so important to use an SEO expert. They will determine the high-volume key words and phrases that are utilized in your industry and then establish a cost-effective plan to drive traffic to your site.

OR: What does a successful website look like and accomplish?

LR: A successful website gets people to do what the company wants them to do, convert. This could be picking up the phone and calling, buying a product online, accessing information, etc.

OR: How do you balance your work and home life?

LR: I have a 3-year-old daughter named Mia so it is always a major challenge running my own company and being a hands-on mother. My husband is the best and helps a lot.

OR: How do you like living in Philly?

LR: I love living in Philly. The food scene is amazing here and you can actually raise a family without having to move to the suburbs. We are city dwellers for life!

OR: What advice would you give your 8-year-old self?

LR: The most important thing is to pick a career doing what you love. If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!

OR: Thank you for your time and sharing your insights with us. 

LR: It’s my pleasure.

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