The Plastic Surgery Network Allows You To Queue Up Botox – No, Really

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If there’s one thing that most plastic surgery patients worry about, it’s what will happen when they go under the knife. As much as doctors and former patients can try to explain it, there’s truly no way to know what will happen until you’re actually on the table. There’s always the worry that a “minor detail” may have been left out or that there are “minor risks” that really aren’t  minor.

People have every right to fear the possibility of having details left out, especially when those details could wreck their face or end their lives. This fear that people have is what makes most decide against actually undergoing plastic surgery.

Or, at least, that’s how things used to be.

Right now, there’s a new player in the plastic surgery game that’s ensuring that patients get the full, up-close-and-personal story about the plastic surgery procedures they want to get. It’s called the Plastic Surgery Network by Living Sage, which has been garnering media attention with features in Forbes, Allure, Huffington Post,  and Refinery29.

Yes, the Plastic Surgery Network really is a network. More specifically, it is an app and content streaming service that is currently in the Apple TV app store.  As the name suggests, the streaming content is all plastic surgery, all the time. Using this app, prospective patients get to watch the plastic surgery procedures they want to undergo, connect with others who have had it done, and even find a doctor in their area.  They can even compare the price, down-time, postoperative pain, etc. of the different techniques and procedures.

However, PSN isn’t like most content streaming services. There’s no “TV show” to queue up, nor is there a script. It’s provider generated content that show real procedures on real patients.   Potential patients, can upload their questions from their phone or desktop to the app and get answers directly from the surgeon via video. If you want to rate a surgeon, you also can do that, too.

The idea behind the Plastic Surgery Network app is that you can never be too careful or too informed when you’re getting cosmetic procedures done. PSN provides as much information as you could possibly need to make an informed decision.

What’s most impressive isn’t the fact that it’s a blend of social media and on-demand streaming for plastic surgery enthusiasts. In the future, the app will allow you to go on a “virtual tour” of a doctor’s office and get a consultation on your time, without ever having to leave your couch.

Speaking as someone who wants to get plastic surgery in the near future but is afraid of doctors, this is “seriously” revolutionary. The PSN app might be one of the best tools to educate yourself, empower yourself to make the decisions you want to make, and also get a better idea of which procedures would work best for you.

Imagine being able to fit in a doctor’s consultation during your lunch break at work.  Better yet, imagine being able to understand if you are a better candidate for a mini-tummy tuck vs. a full tummy-tuck before even going to your actual consultation.   PSN allows the patient to compare various procedures, with regards to price, downtime, and results. Imagine being able to have your fears of going under the knife put to rest, all by seeing others’ reviews of the procedure.

PSN allows you to do all that, and even more. Heck, it’s even kind of intriguing to see people undergoing those procedures – if you’re into that.  So, could someone please queue up some Botox for me and pass me some popcorn?

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