5 Ways To Add Vintage Details To Your Modern Style

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Some things never go out of style. We all have at least one jewel in our wardrobe passed down from our grandmother or a super stylish aunt. Some of us can even remember dressing up in front of a mirror, looking like a true movie star. All those iconic pieces are reminiscent of times women dressed to impress.

Nowadays people dress simpler. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle dictates mostly casual wardrobe with only a glimpse of what fashion really used to be.

Luckily, there’s a way to connect with the good old days and revive some of the greatest style hits.

Here, we’ll show you 5 examples of how vintage details can transform your modern style into a timeless elegance.

1. Start with accessories

The best way to incorporate vintage into your everyday style is through accessories. A bag, belt or a piece of jewelry are usually a safe bet.

The best recommendation for all beginners is to start off with a vintage belt. Every celebrity has one. The most popular are the ones with a Gucci buckle and the Moschino letter belt. You can find them in thrift shops or eBay. And once you try them on, you’ll never wanna to take them off. These stylish pieces go perfectly with anything, from regular jeans to every type of sundress available.

As for the jewelry, almost anything goes. Iconic Chanel costume jewelry or ’70s flex collar necklaces are just some of the items which will help your vintage-inspired look really come together.

2. Timeless cat eye sunglasses

Ever-present, cat eye sunglasses became a symbol of chic and elegance. This piece of vintage treasure brings out the drama in even the simplest combinations. Wear them with your favorite summer t-shirt, red lipstick and pulled up hair. You definitely won’t go unnoticed.

3. Vintage shoes

If you’re nostalgic for old times there’s no better way to remind yourself of how it used to be then to wear a classic pair of vintage shoes. These shoes come in many forms like oxford style shoes, flat leather sandals, classic Mary Jane’s, T-strap shoes or an authentic vintage heels. They all managed to make their comeback into a modern era with new models being inspired by the old classics. Still, the real vintage lovers prefer the real deal, making the originals an essential part of their shoe collection.

4. The classic trench coat

Sexy & effortless. These are the words which usually describe this timeless piece of clothing every woman should have hanging in her closet. Regardless of the current trend, the trench coat has never gone out of style. And for a good reason. Throw it over any plain outfit and you’ll leave the house looking like a true fashionista. There’s nothing as fabulous as a trench coat combined with a pair of black sunglasses. This signature Audrey Hepburn look has never failed to impress and was beloved by everyone.

5. Ad some fur

There’s no classic vintage look without a fur wrap. It has made a big comeback recently and we can see it as an essential part of almost every evening toilette. This elegant detail instantly transforms any nightgown into an outfit for royalty. No wonder Grace Kelly wore it everywhere, with her stamp of approval, a fur wrap became a good choice for other iconic figures like Jackie O, Marion Davies and Natalie Wood.

True elegance is timeless. The key is always in the details so make sure you pick the right ones.

The classics mentioned above never go out of style so combining them with everyday modern outfits can really be a game changer for your style. Stick to the basics. Try something small at first then work your way up to the more bolder pieces. You’ll find your unique expression eventually. That’s why it’s important to remain true to yourself and not turn into a pale copy of someone else. Be a trendsetter, not a follower. Try something different and own it. You’ll probably be hesitant at first but in the end you’ll be glad you did it!


Sasha Duncan is a bookworm, fashion enthusiast and a consultant for Palmaira, a supplier of the best Menorca sandals Australia has to offer. She loves reading crime novels and being with her dogs, Maya and Buster.

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