Interview with American Crime Story actress: Fabiana Pascali

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Photos by Jose Maria Cicala

1. Tell me a little about yourself…
I am my children’s mom before anything else. Born and raised in the beautiful province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’m a mix of an Italian and Basque that expresses herself more so with facial expressions and body gestures than words.

I tend to think in Spanish and translate my thoughts outwardly into English.  I often tell jokes that make no sense whatsoever in English and laugh so hard at myself that keep my listener wondering if I’m okay. Hahaha.  My motto? A life without a sense of humor is not worth living.

Lastly but not least, I have a creative personality. Give me whatever needs to be built without a manual, just never leave me alone with a mathematical equation!

2.While working on American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni, what did you learn about Gianni that people outside of his circle may not know?
I didn’t know Gianni had cancer at some point of his life. There is a moment on set in a facsimile of the Versace studio house in Milan, when Penelope Cruz tells us her brother was ill with cancer.

There were also rumors that it was AIDS.  The Versace family denied it publically, yet that’s something floating around. It was something I learned on set, either of which is sad wither way.

3.Do you have any favorite fashion designers? (Who are they and Why?)
There are so many great designers, established and up-and-coming, that it almost impossible to have just a few favorites!

I’m a personal fan of Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Diane von Fürstenberg and Carolina Herrera. Truly, I like to wear pieces of clothing that embrace my figure and coincide with my age.  I often find outfits of brands I never heard of and keep wearing them all the time.


4.What is your must have designer piece that every woman should have in their closet? (handbag/shoes/jewelry or LBD?)
A pair of Louboutin black pumps? A Loui Vuitton Neverfull bag? A Citizens of Humanity pair of jeans? A DVF dress?? Whatever makes you feel confident, really. One does not need to spend big sums of money to be stylish. Creativity and common sense may be the answer.


5. You come from a multicultural background, how has that influenced you?
The great majority of Argentineans descend primarily from Italians and Spaniards.  I can’t really tell how that influenced me!  It’s in my blood and the cultures I hail from.  To be Latina is something I proudly embrace!

6. What was the best advise ever given to you?
Less given, more read from “The Four Agreements” from Dr. Don Miguel Ruiz:
– Be impeccable with your words
– Don’t take anything Personally

– Don’t make assumptions
– Always do your best


7. Do you like to cook or bake?  What is your specialty?
Neither! I am not domestic at all. I’m more of a handyman or contractor worker.
I have a degree in Design, 3D Art specifically.  Ask me to install hardwood floors, replace a toilette, paint a whole house, fully decorate a bare room, but don’t ask me to cook.


8. Do you like to travel?  Where was the last was placed you visited? 
I love to travel! Getting to visit places greatly expands your perception of the world, aiding to shape and evolve into better human beings through assimilating different landscapes/cultures. I wish I had the time to do it more often.

Two of my favorite cities, are Prague and Istanbul. They’re immensely different from one another in architecture and culture, yet they hold my adoration equally!

9. Outside of acting, do you have any other interest or hobbies?
Sitting down in my studio, surrounded by inviting different medias, colors, textures and shapes.  That’s my daily therapy!


10. (For Fun)   If  you were a superhero, what would you call yourself?  What would be your superpower?
“Super-cook-madre” A mother that cooks! Hahaha.  No really, I deeply admire anyone that loves the kitchen.

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