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Cooking in Style – 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful

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The heart of the home is the kitchen. It is a place you strive to keep welcoming and comfortable. Guests and family alike congregate there in conversation, and over meals, so you definitely want to that space to reflect your values, aesthetics and who you are. You could consider changing just smaller things such as your countertops. Look to professionals like unique fabrications to help you choose the perfect new countertops. Here are five surprisingly simple ways to make your kitchen beautiful and inviting to all those who spend time there


Invest in Quality Cookware

Unless you have cabinet space on top of cabinet space, some of your cookware will likely live out in the open. This is true with your most used pieces such as skillets and saucepans. By investing in stunning cookware sets, you not only have equipment that serves a needed function for your cooking, but it can also accent your kitchen in ways that inspire your inner chef time and time again. By choosing classy, higher-quality pieces, you are gifting yourself with tools that can last a lifetime with a timeless look that will never go out of style.


Grow Fresh Herbs                                                

Learning how to grow fresh herbs is a rewarding project for gardeners of all ages. However, don’t assume all plants must live outdoors. If your kitchen window sill catches plenty of sun, you can house living herbs that liven up your dishes and kitchen environment all year round. That splash of green is sure to bring life into any space, and using fresh ingredients will add far more depth and flavor to your dishes than the dried variety. This frugal practice can also save you money in the long run which allows you to splurge on other areas in the kitchen.


Maintain Appliances

Stainless steel looks stunning on the department store floor, but it can take a bit of effort to keep that look in a well-used kitchen. By learning how to clean stainless steel and giving your equipment a regular wipe down, you are sure to keep that shine on display and fingerprints at bay. Having a grimy kitchen can stifle your interest in cooking and have you reaching for the take-out menu. By habitually keeping surfaces and sinks clean, you are more inclined to put on your apron get to work with a clear headspace.


Keep a Fruit Basket

The muse of many artists throughout centuries, fresh fruit has been caught on canvases that museums around the world proudly display. Keeping fresh fruit on hand as a visual centerpiece brings a still life beauty that can’t be matched, although the plastic decorative pieces come pretty close. Both are great choices, but real fruit in sight can lend itself as a guilt-free snack as well as beautiful, fresh look for the kitchen.


Replace or Jazz Up Your Cabinet Doors

Appliances and countertops take up a lot of kitchen real estate, but usually not as much as your cabinets. These hide away all of the dishware, spices, and dry goods which eliminates significant amounts of eye clutter, but are you sure your outdated cabinet doors aren’t themselves an eyesore? By updating your cabinet doors, you can make drastic changes that add style and elegance to your kitchen. Even if you can’t afford to completely re-door your cabinets, you can still achieve an upgrade by repainting them a color that fits in your space. For tips, tools, and strategies for painting your cabinets, be sure to check out this article.


Whether you own or rent, with simple steps, you can have the beautiful kitchen that inspires you day after day. What ways can you think of to give your kitchen a personal touch?

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