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This year’s Milan Fashion Week officially started this Wednesday, and everyone who’s anyone found their place next to the runway. A lot of fabulous trends were presented to the curious audience – some of them are brand new, while others are re-invented, but one thing is certain – there’s a lot going on in the fashion industry, so be sure to stay with us if you want to learn more. Here are five major MFW trends decoded just for you, so check them out and enjoy!

Leopard print is making a huge comeback in 2018…


When talking about trendy prints, Milan Fashion Week is all about leopard ones, and these were a massive hit both on the runway and among the street style crowd. Anna Dello Russo was the first lady to wear a stylish leopard coat, whereas Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert was spotted wearing a fabulous leopard sweater and a skirt that features the same print. As for the designer houses, Max Mara was all about variations of this gorgeous print, and we reckon that no one could pull them off better than the famous Gigi Hadid. Of course, head-to-toe leopard outfits are for the brave fashionistas who really mean business, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, just pick a unique piece like a blazer or a coat that features this print and you’ll surely nail your outfit like a true pro!

… As well as classy plaid


When it comes to Max Mara, they’ve shown another fabulous print ladies from all over the globe will absolutely adore. Yes, we’re talking about classy plaid which is a thing at this year’s Milan Fashion Week, and this designer house took it to a whole new level by coming up with stunning maxi skirts and matching oversized blazers, combined with elegant black leather gloves that add the inevitable touch of class to any outfit. Needless to say, this print will be adored by businesswomen who always love to stay stylish and trendy – both in business meetings and at corporate parties. On the other hand, Fendi designed a stunning vinyl-like coat that features the same print, which is a fantastic statement piece that’ll definitely sweep everyone off their feet.


Bright ’n’ vivid color palette is all the rage


Even though pretty pastels like romantic lavender and lovely mint will be the IT colors of 2018, the truth is that bright color palettes will undoubtedly be a major hit this year as well – at least when talking about Milan Fashion Week. A lot of the world’s most renowned designer houses showcased their latest collections that were bursting with vivid shades like hot pink, fiery orange, and bright yellow, which were Moschino’s absolute favorites. They came up with one-of-a-kind, chic coats, suits, and pumps in these gorgeous shades, but you know what? Any other garment would look equally stunning, simply because these colors are so elegant yet quite remarkable. On the other hand, Prada also had groundbreaking pieces featuring these shades, but, truth be told – these are meant only for bold fashionistas who love to play around and experiment with fashion trends.

Comfy shoes are all the rage


Speaking of footwear, the rule this year says ‘the comfier, the better’! This is great news for all those girls who spent half of their life wearing sky-high heels that are everything but comfortable, so if you’re one of them – welcome to the club! If you’re a die-hard fan of the classic loafers with a modern twist, Gucci has something for you. Their new collection features fabulous loafers that can be worn in any combo – from a casual to a formal one, so be sure you check them out as soon as possible. On the other hand, Prada came up with ultra-modern, out-of-the-world sneakers in bright shades like lime green, which are beyond authentic and unusual. However, if you’re looking for comfy footwear you can wear on a daily basis, you should definitely check out Birkenstock sandals. These are extremely simple yet so comfortable and versatile that you won’t even want to take them off!

Hello, fringe, we’ve missed you!


Similarly to leopard print and plaid, fringe is also making a big comeback this year, and this trend is going to be bigger than ever if you ask us. A lot of prominent designer houses, and Prada in particular, turned to this gorgeous trend and incorporated it into their latest collection, and we absolutely love the outcome! Even though fringe was synonymous with music festival fashion culture back in the past, the truth is that it’s more than welcome in our everyday outfits as well, which just confirms its versatility and originality. Of course, these can be made from both luxurious and modern fabrics, and the rule says ‘go big or go home’, so get a garment with a lot of them and you’ll absolutely love it.

As you can see, Milan Fashion Week is a true source of inspiration and motivation for thousands of trendsetters and fashionistas from all across the globe, which is exactly why this event is so famous in the industry. Some of the major trends are decoded here for you, so be sure to bear them in mind and nail your fashion game this year!


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