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Decorating Like a Minimalist

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Minimalism is in. Less is more and more is just too much. The art of minimalism is the trend that has taken the world of design by storm. Decorating in the minimalist style provides a calming space with a smart design that focuses on certain key pieces. Think modern and chic, black and white, futuristic, yet down to Earth.


Mute Colors

            When creating a minimalist space, use muted neutral tones. Tones like off-whites, greys, and beiges open spaces up and create space. They provide a calming effect on the attitude and mind and set a laid back yet elegant mood. Neutral tones help to tie in and anchor any and all decor you wish to have on display while softening and blurring the sharp edges of furniture and other pieces.


Focus on Focal Points

Choose one to three statement pieces to steal the stage in each room. This could be a coffee table, a mirror, a piece of art, or a cabinet. Look for statement art that adds a pop of colour, furniture pieces that provide interesting and appealing shapes, or accent walls or trim that bursts from its flat surface. Small but effective accents draw the eye to certain parts of the room, creating a display for these pieces. The muted tones used as the background in each room causes their beauty and elegance to be amplified, staunchly, albeit gracefully.


Clean Up Those Lines

            When looking at furniture pieces when decorating minimally, choose those that exude cleanliness. Look for starkly angled pieces and straight lines with neutral materials: stainless steel, glass, acrylic, or dark woods. Choose those materials with tones that accent the neutral used on the walls. The harsh angles of the pieces will be blurred by the neutral wall tones.


Use Texture

            Replace colours with texture. Rather than having a multi-coloured or multi-tonal space, use differing textures around a room, but with the same colour and tone. Faux furs, chevron patterns, or boucle knits are all easily combined within the same space in this manner. The eyes view these differing textures in the same way they would colours. The textures keep the simple tones interesting while enhancing the focal aspect of a room.


Cut the Clutter

            Get rid of stuff. When decorating in a minimalist style, keep away from things – especially anything that might come across as kitschy. Keep surfaces clean and empty. Opt for one or items per shelf level or table, simple succulent plants, and merely one or two books to grace a coffee table or desk. This optimizes the illusion of space and enhances the value of the statement pieces chosen for focus.



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