How to Appear Sharp in Business Meetings

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An important business meeting can be intimidating. You want to make a good impression and demonstrate that you are qualified.

The truth is that appearances can make a huge difference. Even if people say that attitude and personality are all that matters, there’s no denying that the first thing that they see (and judge) is how you look.


Professionals aren’t exempted to that visual influence either.


Luckily, you have all of the tools you need to portray yourself the way you want to be seen. Groom yourself and look sharp for any professional function.


Utilize these simple tips, and you will dazzle everyone in the meeting (and hopefully make some beneficial connections).


Be Prepared


When you go to a meeting, you need to be prepared.


  • Use your tablet, smartphone, and other resources to research the topic of your meeting thoroughly and keep all relevant information easily accessible.
  • Don’t only keep the information handy though. Study it and be ready.
  • Your resources should only be used as a backup. When you have the information ready in the case of something unexpected, you will be ready to address and any all topics with confidence.


Connect with Others


Business meetings are rife with opportunities for you to expand your network of connections and land on lucrative prospects.


Business cards are a great way to quickly give people your contact information and provide basic information about your services. Nowadays, it’s not enough to pass out business cards.  You need to have a business card that shows how serious you are about your success, and it should also demonstrate that you have a good sense of style.  Carbon fiber business cards are the perfect mixture of professionalism and style that will keep potential clients interested.  Not only are they extremely strong so they won’t break in a client’s pocket or wallet, they’re also uniquely designed with carbon fiber materials.


Dress to Impress

When you go to a business meeting, you need to show people that your take the meeting seriously by dressing appropriately.

  • Wear a suit or dress that makes you look professional and put together.
  • It’s not enough to have the outfit though. The outfit should be properly ironed, and you should also have the appropriate shoes and accessories.
  • It’s important to keep your briefcase or purse organized and professional as well to complete the picture.
  • If you look disheveled at all, it can make people think that you are too overwhelmed to handle more projects.
  • Not only will other people see you as more capable when you look put together, you will also feel better about yourself.


Be Involved

To stand out in a business meeting, you need to feel sure enough of yourself to speak up and get noticed.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, make fun of yourself, and make yourself known.  When you are an active listener during a presentation, it shows that you are paying attention. Be sure to also take notes too!

Finally, incorporating some personality and tasteful jokes into the meeting will not hurt anything.


Take Charge

Don’t let a business meeting intimidate you. Take control of your business meeting and your corporate future by presenting yourself as the professional and capable businessperson you are.


These tips will help take you from someone hiding in the corner of the conference room to someone who can stand up and take charge.




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