How to Channel the Best TV Shows’ Looks

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Inspiration nowadays comes from many unexpected sources, from every corner of Instagram, to celebrities’ latest paparazzi surprises. But we’ve all had our fair share fashion cravings such as wanting the Rachel hairdo, or achieving the perfect cougar look by Courtney Cox, right?

And that level of style requires some finesse, bravado and definitely plenty of know-how. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the world of TV show fashion and see how you can master those stunning looks in a matter of days – and even more importantly, use them as inspiration to create your own unique combos!

Mad for Mad Men

If you ever need a spark of creativity for your office look, who better to turn to than the ladies and gents who are pure personification of class and elegance in business? It’s not just the storytelling and the amazing actor selection that keeps us coming back for more of this show, but Mad Men is a wonderful example of how much costumes can do to set the tone for the entire storyline.

Take, for example, the lovely, poised Joan Holloway and her many work-perfect ensembles just waiting for you to flaunt them. Remember her emerald green dress from the very first episode? Or the one time she wore pants to the office? There’s your hint to switch to pantsuits without abandoning your pencil skirts! Add to that her exquisite taste in jewelry, and you have inspiration for accessorizing as well!

Phoebe up your wardrobe

She is the life of every episode, the quirky, authentic soul that always finds a new way to express her originality, and of course, no one epitomizes the spirit of boho quite like her. Of course, you can look to Rachel for the sexy school-girl, or even street-style jeans combos, but Phoebe gives you the outside-of-the-box perspective on how to add more color to your life!

Ethnic, floral and clashing colors in every possible piece of wardrobe is signature Phoebe. While you may have trouble finding the exact same leaf-laden blouse, you can easily incorporate the same amount of vivacity by wearing colorful designer kaftans combined with high-waisted jeans or just your favorite pair of leather sandals. And don’t forget her oversized pullovers with funky prints and embroidery – the moose one is a personal favorite of mine.

Take it from Grace

Debra Messing’s flawless performance as the neurotic designer gives her the perfect base for making courageous style decisions. Yes, Karen is the go-to for a luxe look, but since this is about breaking out of your comfort zone, Grace can be your fashion muse.

After all, she was the one who wore velvet before it was a thing, and she could pull off orange better than we’d like to admit. Whether it’s an orange jumpsuit (bold beyond words!) or her lime green coat, season seven was one of her best collections of color-rich outfit ideas you can use as your look-book style match. Don’t be afraid to experiment, Grace is all about wearing your personality!

Are you a true Gilmore?

This timeless show is proof that fast, witty remarks and incredibly authentic outfits can go hand in hand, and it gives the phrase “smart is the new sexy” a whole new level of meaning. This mother-daughter dynamic duo has delivered and over-delivered everything from smart New York-style outfits, dreamy prom dresses, to sharp business suits Lorelai wore during her inn-management career.

Rory’s Life and Death Brigade dress, the dance marathon dresses, Lorelai’s fiery ensemble for Rory’s graduation and her shirt and vest Dragonfly mix, all the way to Emily’s own upscale fashion moments, these are just some examples of their best looks from the show you can use to enrich your own style. Just think what Lorelai would do, and you’ll be fine!


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