Talkspace , The New Way Of Therapy!

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Talkspace has created a new amazing way of completing therapy. Instead of actually going into a physical office in order to receive therapy, Talkspace has made it possible for their customers to be able to receive therapy from the comfort of their cell phone. If you don’t know, Talkspace’s office is located in New York City. All of their therapist have earned the needed credentials that are needed to become a liscensed therapist. All therapist also are required to abide by the state’s HIPAA laws that have been put in place for all medical professionals.


Talkspace has already received amazing reviews from their customers who have already tried the app. Customers who have tried Talkspace feel the the therapy sessions are very natural and that the therapist are so easy to speak with. The therapist of Talkspace make it their job for the customers to feel comfortable and as open as possible. You can choose from different plans on how often you are able to talk to your therapist. You can talk to your therapist 1-5 times a day if you’d like. Now if you are having a crisis or an emergency situation, then you will be able to contact the therapist more frequently than usual.


Talkspace accepts many different kinds of insurances. Some of Talkspace’S plans start as low as $30 a week. Patients really enjoy the flexibility and affordability that Talkspace has been able to afford to them. Overall, Talkspace is a great therapy app that is used by people all around the world. With everything we do these days be involved with technology, Talkspace has created a great way for virtual therapy to be apart of your everyday life now! Try Talkspace out sooner than later if you are in need of some good therapy!

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