The most convincing ways to lose weight with less effort

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There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast, but many of them will not work, and ultimately leave you feeling highly unsatisfied anyway. Most weight loss plans depend on calorie restriction, and this is something which can only work if someone has a lot of willpower not to break. The best weight loss plans reduce appetite, help you lose weight quickly and without sacrifice, and also help your metabolism stay steady while you do so.

Don’t Eat Sugar and Starch

Carbohydrates are one of the more unnecessary parts of the modern diet. Yes, our bodies do need them, especially in terms of insulin production (necessary for fat absorption), but we don’t need them to the extent that we eat them. Too many carbohydrates mean that we end up storing fat rather than burning it, which means that we hold onto weight.

Eating fewer carbohydrates lowers your insulin levels, which in turn can also affect your kidneys, and help you to lose water weight as well as fat. If you eliminate both sugar and starch, you may find yourself losing up to ten pounds in the first week.

Eat Protein, Fat, Vegetables

Ideally you should focus on meals which contain a source of protein, fat, and several vegetables, but preferably ones which don’t have too many carbohydrates in them. If you observe this at every meal, then you should have no problems reaching your daily recommendations of all three groups.

Plenty of protein will give you energy and fill you up so that you don’t feel cravings. A high level of protein will also help to keep you from thinking about food through the day, as it will keep you satisfied.

As well as protein, eating lots and lots of vegetables is key, as they will give you vitamins and nutrients which are not available in the protein sources. Vegetables are also good for filling up, as they can (if they are low in carbohydrates) be eaten in large amounts.

Sources of fat should not be avoided – there is a lot of disinformation about fat, but most forms of it will not harm you, particularly if you take the time to find a source such as olive oil, which has been proven to have health benefits. Try to eat two or three meals a day. If you find yourself hungry in the afternoon, add a fourth meal then.

There are also surgical options to lose weight (, but they are generally seen as last-ditch options, rather than something to be considered as a first option. Diet plans do not have to strenuous and difficult – they can be easy, and they can show results quickly. One person’s definition of effort will be different from another’s, but in general the plans outlined here are not difficult, and do not take much effort to implement. Most of the effort is normally expended on willpower to avoid eating anyway, and these diets do not require that.

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