These kitchen items are the dirtiest and this is how you should clean them

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Although your kitchen looks clean, there are several objects we use daily and they can be a bit dirty. You might be surprised knowing what king of bacteria and dirt these objects might contain and they are what we use the most when cooking or cleaning. Some of them can be cleaned and disinfected while others should just be replaced constantly.

Dish Washing Sponge

Although scary, a recent study reported in The New York Times claims that there is no way to sanitize dish washing sponges in order to kill all the germs it contains. It is advisable to replace it regularly and never let it wet and soggy.


Kitchen handles can be the dirtiest in a house as many touch them after having touched raw meat, dirty vegetables and more. Make sure to clean regularly the fridge handle, the cabinets and the pantry handles and the dishwasher. Disinfecting wipes or any similar product is a good idea to use. It might be exhausting to consider all these details, but they are the key to a proper cleaning. If it would take too much of your time, then it is always a good idea to leave apartment cleaning on the hands of professionals.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

We use salt and pepper daily to make our food tastier, but we also add, unknowingly, tons of bacteria living on them. It is recommended to put them in the dishwasher before refilling them and to wipe them constantly with antibacterial liquid or disinfecting wipes.

The sink

The kitchen sink is used daily by most of us, even if we have a dish washer as well.  Specialists recommend disinfecting the kitchen sink daily with bleach and water and whenever it is necessary. A study even suggested that the toilet bowl could be cleaner than kitchen sinks, especially if you tend to leave dirty dishes in it overnight.

Cutting Board

The cutting board is a kitchen accessory we use daily for cooking purposes and it has been branded as the dirtiest thing inside our kitchens. This happens due to cross-contamination when using the same cutting board for meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables.  It is recommended to sterilize the cutting board after using it for raw meat and a good idea is to wash them in the dish washer and use different cutting boards for meant and vegetables.

Dish Towels

These towels are definitely not as clean as your bathroom towels and this is because we tend to use them longer before washing them. We even swipe our kitchen counters with the same towel for a long time before remembering to wash it. Use bleach to wash them and replace them daily.

Other things you might want to disinfect on a daily basis are can openers, knife blocks and the coffee maker.



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