5 Tips to landing your dream job

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One man’s food is another man’s poison. Many are the times that we rise up early for work and go to bed late, just working. To some, this may seem like an ordinary routine but to others, it could be killing them slowly with depression and stress, especially if it is not their dream job. It is for these reasons that you often see great people result in alcohol and substance use as a way to cope. Finding your dream job can be quite challenging and it is for this reason that proper research should be done. The guidelines below will help guide you to your dream job. They include:

  1. Attain sobriety. If you are struggling with addiction, don’t give up there is still hope for you. The first thing you need to do is achieve utmost sobriety. You may have been fired from your previous job because of substance use or addiction or the pressures may have forced you to use and can’t seem to stop. Professionals from offer compassionate care and space to heal to get you right back on track. The team has a lot of experience and strongly advise to give them a call, they are confidential and your listening and helping a friend that ensure you have a full recovery.
  2. Learn about the field of your interest. It would not be a dream job if you have no passion whatsoever or no knowledge about the field. Make your dream job your passion, learn more about the field from the internet, from articles and journals and also through field visits and be up to date with the current field. Some fields are known to be dynamic, they change from time to time and therefore learning more about the field should be done consistently.  You can even take a step further by enrolling in a course that’s in line with your dream job, not only will you gain relevant knowledge of the field, but it’ll also help boost your qualifications for a higher position. For those in social work, enrolling in msw online programs will greatly improve qualifications as well as credibility for the job.
  3. Start early. Finding your dream job should not be something that you do when you age. For optimum reap and progress of work, start your dream job early. If it is an application, apply to many different companies in your field without minding of your age. If it is entrepreneurial, start early while you are still young and can be able to shift or change with changing times. Some careers you can even start learning at home. If you have an interest in computers and tinkering with apps, you might find interest in a career in tech. These jobs often pay huge sums of money with the salary of a software engineer  earning in the 6 figure mark annually.  Many young people wait for too long with always the hope of one day finding the dream job and with the excuse of I still, have time.
  4. Improve your resume. When writing a resume for your dream job, don’t be modest. You want the person reading the resume to develop confidence in you. If you have no experience in the field, this should not be a hindrance to you and your dream job. Concentrate and highlight more on your abilities and talents rather than the negativity. Your resume should be able to sell you well and make you out-stand from the rest.
  5. Networking. One thing you should know is that you are finding your dream job, not the other way around. Therefore, be out there in the field wanting to learn more. Connect with professionals from that field and interview them of their experience and how they managed to be in the field. Relate to them professionally and issue out your business card. Do some follow-up and check-ups and remind them to contact you if a position opens up.

Landing your dream job is a task that can be complicating and therefore great research should be done. Do your homework carefully before interviews and always be on your sober mind.




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