Best Diamond Shapes For An Engagement Ring

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Engagement rings are one of the most special aspects of a marriage. It is something that helps people identify that you are happily married to your better half. This is why people spend a lot of time to figure out what kind of engagement ring they’d want to buy. Diamond rings are the signature rings for engagement. However, there are a number of shapes that diamonds are cut to make the ring look beautiful. Here’s a list of the shapes of diamonds that are perfect for an engagement ring.

  1. Round diamonds

The most popular kind of diamond that is chosen by people for an engagement ring is the round shaped diamond. Round diamonds are not just chosen for their shape. The main reason why these are popular is for being really bright. The round shaped diamonds are cut in a way that reflects a lot of light. This makes it shine brilliantly, and people want the engagement ring to be noticed. You’d easily be able to spot a variety of round diamond ring styles at the Australian Diamond Company.

  1. Oval diamonds

For anyone who wants a retro style engagement ring, oval is the right choice. Oval diamond rings give off an old-fashioned look. Oval diamonds are just slightly different in shape from the round ones. This is why; they are well-known for their brightness as well. Since oval shaped diamond are elongated from the two sides, even if you buy a small oval shaped diamond ring, it will still look bigger than its actual size.

  1. Emerald cut diamonds

Emerald-cut diamonds are very different from rest of the diamonds. Their cut makes them look very less bright or shiny. However, when you look at a diamond with an emerald cut, you can see the depth of it. It gives off a layered look. Specifically, a slight yellow colored diamond makes it easier to see the depths.

  1. Princess cut diamonds

The princess-cut diamonds have a very distinct way of reflecting light. A princess-cut diamond is square shaped. Since round diamonds are very popular and common, women who want to have a less common and shiny diamond ring can go for this one.

  1. Cushion- cut diamonds

Before the time when round diamonds took over, cushion-cut diamonds were the most trending ones. However, there was a period of dormancy for these diamonds after which they have again made a successful comeback. A lot of people prefer cushion-cut diamond rings nowadays. A cushion- cut diamond has the edginess of the princess-cut diamond and the delicateness of a round diamond. The edges of a cushion-cut diamond are rounded. Cushion- cut diamonds are designed such that their reflection is amplified.

  1. Pear diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are really good for delicate looking fingers. However, it has to be cut and polished very carefully to make it look flawless. Right from symmetry to the rounded and tapered ends, the designing requires great detailing. When designed in proper proportion, a pear shaped diamond ring would look beautiful.


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